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RuneScape the Blood Pact

January 4th, 2011 by admin

RuneScape the Blood Pact is the first free quest since the Rune Mysteries back in 2003. If you have obtained 300 points elsewhere in the world you are then ready to begin the Blood Pact. The whole thing is quite straight forward and it shouldn't tax you too much.

It starts in the Lumbridge Graveyard; here you will meet Xiena and she wastes no time telling you about her current problems. Apparently she has found out that some Zamorak cultists have taken another girl hostage. If you agree to take this mission you will then get to see a cut scene where a girl called Illona is taken hostage by three members of the Zamorak Cult.

At the beginning of the RuneScape the Blood Pact Quest you walk into a room but before you can do anything one of the cultists will hit Xiena. You are now left to fight Kayle alone, but it shouldn't prove too much of a problem. Read more »

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RuneScape Swept Away Quest Guide

December 4th, 2010 by admin

The great news about RuneScape Swept Away is that it is no longer just for members only. This game was released especially for Halloween 2008 so as you would expect there is lots of spooky action to be enjoyed. Your aim is to help a witch find special ingredients that she needs to add to her cauldron; if you take on this mission she will reward you with some of her potion. A fair exchange for this short and easy task and she will also give you a broom. You will find the witch, whose name is Maggie, in Draynor Village.


Skill: None
Quests: None
Difficulty: 1/5
Length: Short (10 - 30 mins)
Members only: F2P Read more »

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RuneScape Myths of the White Lands

November 9th, 2010 by admin

RuneScape Myths of the White Lands is a members only quest that was first added back in 2008. The mission is given by explorer Jack who will be waiting for you just west of Lumbridge general store. He has heard that there is many riches and much magic to be found in the Land of Snow. He heard all this from a snow imp and now wants you to go and investigate.

This is a medium difficulty challenge but you will have to solve quite a few puzzles. If you take the quest to find some stones for Jack he promises to reward you with an experience lamp. In order to get to the land of snow you can either track down the head snow imp or go to the basement of the Wizard's tower and teleport from there; you will have to use the phrase "Ectosum glissendo". Read more »

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Where Do You Get an Axe In RS?

November 5th, 2010 by admin

Battleaxes are a great weapon to use if you are about to battle a heavily armored opponent and can be bought from the Grand Exchange for anywhere between 15 coins for the basic Bronze Battleaxe to 120,800 coins for the Dragon Battleaxe. The main advantage of the battleaxe over the two-handed sword in terms of battle abilities is that the battleaxe is a one-handed weapon, meaning that you can combine it with a shield for added defense and to gain any stat bonuses that the shield would convey.

Though the battleaxe is one of the slower weapons  Read more »

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RuneScape Fletching

October 7th, 2010 by admin

Runescape Dragon Dart
Within the game of RuneScape, the fletching skill refers to anything related or connected to the making of bows and arrows. Naturally, this skill is great when combined with a ranged character, as the character will then become a self-sufficient one who is able to craft and use his own bows and arrows to fight overall. Another good compliment to this skill would be the woodcutting skill which will enable the character to also obtain the raw materials that he would need to engage in the fletching skill.

RuneScape Fletching Skill

There is also a side benefit when it comes to increasing Read more »

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RuneScape Curse of Arrav

September 6th, 2010 by admin

RuneScape Curse of Arrav is a member's only quest that was made available in 2009. This is a fairly difficult quest, and can take a moderate amount of time to complete. To begin the quest you will need to find Ali the Wise in Nardah. You will need to have a modest amount of skill and some quest experience to be able to tackle this adventure; you will also need to have fully restored Senliten. There are some nice rewards for completing RuneScape Curse of Arrav including 1 quest point and plenty of skill points.


Skill: 37 Slayer, 41 Summoning, 61 Agility, 64 Ranged, 64 Mining, 64 Strength, 66 Thieving
Quests: Defender Of Varrock, Shades of Mort'ton, Troll Romance, The Tale of the Muspah, Missing My Mummy
Difficulty: 4/5
Length: Medium Read more »

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RuneScape Defence

August 3rd, 2010 by admin

RuneScape Defence In the world of RuneScape, defence (labelled defence in-game) is the skill that determines the amount of base protection that a character has in combat. Naturally, this is supplemented by the equipment that the player wears. However, basic defence actually contributes to the player's combat level, no matter which of the three combat disciplines they chose.

Defence also determines the quality and type of the armor that a player can equip - from the basic level one bronze armor to the level Read more »

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RuneScape Back to my Roots

July 30th, 2010 by admin

Horacio in Back to my Roots Quest Guide RuneScape Back to my Roots is a member's only quest that became available in 2007. There are a few nice rewards for finishing this quest including 1 quest point and access to the Jade Wine Farming Patch.

You will also pick up plenty of skill points as well. You will need to have already competed a few quests before attempting this one including; One Small Favor, Tribal Totem, a Fairy Tale (part 1), and the Hand in the Sand. Read more »

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How Do You Get A Godsword In RS?

July 22nd, 2010 by admin

Runescape Godsword
For starters, if you are buying the Godsword, you need to decide which version you want as there are four different variations of it, each of which depends on the hilt attached to it. The four different variations are the Armadyl, the Bandos, the Saradomin and the Zamorak; on the Grand Exchange, the sword goes for 90,500,000; 23,800,000; 63,600,000; and 26,100,000 respectively.

Other than buying the Godsword on the Grand Exchange, the only other way to obtain it is by obtaining its two parts: the blade and the hilt of your choice. There is a catch, however: the blade itself is separated into three Read more »

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Runescape Berserker Shields

July 13th, 2010 by admin

RuneScape Berserker Shield
The RuneScape Berserker Shield is a very exclusive item that cannot be obtained by mere crafting. In order to get it, you need to obtain tokens that are given in the Fist of Guthix activity and then use these tokens to purchase it as a reward. The cost of buying it this way is 300 tokens.

An alternative method of obtaining the shield is by buying it on the Grand Exchange for 209,000 coins but be aware that it can only be bought in this fashion uncharged. So, what is the point in charging it, then? Well, when charged, the defensive bonus it confers rises to above that given by the Rune Kiteshield Read more »

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RuneScape Thieving

June 8th, 2010 by admin

Runescape Thieving Thieving is rampant in RuneScape and it has become one of the most appreciated skills you can develop. It is possible for you to become an occasional pickpocket or if this does not satisfy you then why not become a full-time criminal. The only down side to all of this is that you have to be a member if you want to practice the skills of thievery.

The Least You Need to Know about RuneScape Thieving

Thieving is a really useful skill and the better you get at it the more uses you will find for this skill. The more you practice the better you will get at it; isn’t that always the way? In the beginning you will be able to get your hands on a few modest items that you otherwise would have needed to pay for, but later you can have far more ambitious aims. The one thing you must understand Read more »

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How to Get a Free Party Hat

June 5th, 2010 by admin

Runescape Yellow Party Hat Party hats are much sought after in the RuneScape game. Some of them are quite rare and can cost as much as 200,000,000 GP. If you want to look cool in RuneScape though a party hat is a must. They were first introduced in December 2001 and since then have become hugely popular. Here is how you can get your hands on a free party hat in RuneScape because it is always better to get something for nothing.

How to Get a Free Party Hat in RuneScape

The sad news is that the original RuneScape hats are extremely rare and hard to get hold of unless you are very rich. Read more »

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RuneScape Dungeoneering

June 1st, 2010 by admin

RuneScape Dungeoneering Logo
Dungeoneering in RuneScape is a new skill that was only introduced in April 2010. This is something that is open to any of the 10 million users of RuneScape; members and free players. The great thing about Dungeoneering is that it also allows you to increase your other skill levels as well the ones you need for this part of the game.

What is RuneScape Dungeoneering?

RuneScape Dungeoneering is a skill which you develop in a castle called Daemonheim. In order to be able to perform well in the castle the players will have needed to develop skills already prior to arriving. Daemonheim has Read more »

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How to Gain Attack in RuneScape

May 26th, 2010 by admin

Runescape Attack Range One of the most important skills you will need while playing RuneScape is the ability to attack. Having attack will raise your combat level no matter what type of character you are and it will also allow you to use some weapons that would otherwise be off limits. Having attack is important for when you go up against monsters as well as up against any other foe.

How to Gain Attack in RuneScape

If you want to increase your attack experience you will need to spend a bit of time working with the stab or lunge Read more »

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