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Beginner's Guide to Runescape

May 15th, 2007 by admin

Runescape is a massive online web-based RPG that has caught a lot of interest over the past few years. It has grown tremendously, and it should have, because it's a great game. If your new to it, then keep reading this guide will talk you through how to make a good start on the game, and give you a taste of what the game has to offer. Read on.

You start on Tutorial Island, here, you'll learn all the basics of combat, cooking, fishing, fire making a lot of the skills basically. The tutorials on the island are very interactive, so you'll learn most of the basics on that. What's important though, is once you get off Tutorial Island what do you do? Where do you go? All is explained in this guide.

Once you get off Tutorial Island, you end up in Lumbridge, the starting village of Runescape. Here you'll find a lot of low level monsters for you to kill, and collect loot off – gold pieces, feathers, bones, the lot but are you looking for a better way to start off? Being an experienced player, I would suggest that you actually look to expertise in one skill for now, and really push your development on that one skill. For example, a good skill to start with is mining. It's requirements are very basic, all you need is a pickaxe, and the right mining area. You’ll be supplied with a pickaxe so there's no need to worry about that.

Mining is very interesting. You gain experience in mining dependant on the ores you mine. You receive a certain amount of experience every time you mine that type of ore, and as your levels increase, you're able to mine a much larger variety of ores.

The reason why mining is a good skill to start off with, is because you can combine it with smithing, the skill of making armours in order to make yourself your first set of armour. Plus, once you get to about level 30 mining, you can make quite a lot of money through the mining of iron and coal as they both sell for a nice amount each.

To start off mining, just make sure you've got your pickaxe in your inventory (or you can equip it by clicking on it in your inventory), and head off down to the nearest mines. The nearest mines from Lumbridge and one of the best to start off in, in my own opinion is the south-east Varrock mines. Just head north from Lumbridge (cross the bridge) and you should hit Varrock pretty soon (it's best if you open up the World Map that Runescape provides you above the gaming screen). If you haven't already, deposit all items (there is a bank in Varrock) you've got in your inventory except your pickaxe (if you haven't equipped it) and head off to the mines.

Start off by mining copper, and then once you hit the appropriate level, move onto more challenging ores like iron. If you want more information on mining ores, and the level requirements to mine them along with the different level requirements for using different pickaxes, check out this page.
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  1. Santas death

    to get you 1MILLION gp follow these instructions:
    get 8000 coal sell them for 150 ea and you got 1200000gp

  2. mailboy1391

    getting that many coal takes forever

  3. somebody

    seriously dude
    i so agree with mailboy1391
    you will have to play 24/7 to get that many within half a year dude

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