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How Do You Get A Godsword In RS?

July 22nd, 2010 by admin

Runescape Godsword
For starters, if you are buying the Godsword, you need to decide which version you want as there are four different variations of it, each of which depends on the hilt attached to it. The four different variations are the Armadyl, the Bandos, the Saradomin and the Zamorak; on the Grand Exchange, the sword goes for 90,500,000; 23,800,000; 63,600,000; and 26,100,000 respectively.

Other than buying the Godsword on the Grand Exchange, the only other way to obtain it is by obtaining its two parts: the blade and the hilt of your choice. There is a catch, however: the blade itself is separated into three shards that you have to obtain and then combine at an anvil, but to do so requires level 80 smithing. For those whose smithing skills aren't up to par yet, do not fret, though, as it is possible to use the assist system to craft the Godsword.

Runescape Armadyl Godsword

If you are wondering what the difference is between the four different versions of the Godsword, the answer is that there is none. Each has a different special attack but the stats for all four swords are exactly the same, with the only difference being an aesthetic one.

So, if you've decided you want one now, the way to get it would be this way: find the three shards as a rare drop from any of the four Generals or their bodyguards within the God Wars Dungeon. The hilts, however, are only ever dropped by the Generals respectively and are extremely rare drops. Also, as the generals are tough customers to kill, you would need to be on a similar high level to get them. All of this contributes to the price and rarity of the Godsword, making it extremely valuable and a great item to use in battle.

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