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How to Gain Attack in RuneScape

May 26th, 2010 by admin

Runescape Attack Range One of the most important skills you will need while playing RuneScape is the ability to attack. Having attack will raise your combat level no matter what type of character you are and it will also allow you to use some weapons that would otherwise be off limits. Having attack is important for when you go up against monsters as well as up against any other foe.

How to Gain Attack in RuneScape

If you want to increase your attack experience you will need to spend a bit of time working with the stab or lunge fighting technique. You can gain an attack experience of 15 by fighting chickens in Lumbridge or rock crabs on Waterbirth Island; free players won’t be able to fight the crabs. If you want to move up to 30 on attack you can begin fighting cows Lumbridge or Falador. To gain up to 50 attack points you can try your hand against the Hill Giants in the Edgeville dungeon. To get beyond 50 it is a good idea to continue killing Hill Giants or try your hand at Moss Giants; Green Dragons are also an option worth considering. If you want to get above 80 in attack experience you are going to have a real task ahead of you as this is something few players have managed. One way of achieving it is to spend some time killing ice giants southwest of Port Swamis.

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