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Mage vs. Range

June 28th, 2007 by admin

These are two very good way to fight people with getting less hurt anywhere since almost no one can attack back unless your opponent is a mager or a ranger. This article will explain you the difference of these two and the cons and pros of each of them. You can make your decision on whether you would prefer maging or ranging when in battle after reading this.

Maging is pretty much the same as ranging in attacking wise. You can use as much runes as you want when attacking. The pros of maging are that you can use your runes to teleport, transform items and do some other cool things that you can never imagine. You can have a level fifteen character and still be able to kill someone that has a level thirty combat because when attacking through mage you will be able to hurt your opponent more and not be the same distance as you would be when fighting one on one with schimitars or battle axes and so forth. The cons of maging is that buying runes can be pretty expensive since you need a lot of runes to be able to do it and once you use a rune, it is gone and never to be able to come back to you. It's sort of like your shooting gold pieces and not getting anything in return but you do increase your mage level when shooting the gold pieces. It's easy to create runes using the skill Runecrafting but all it does is take some time. Complete the 'Rune Mysteries' quest if you're thinking of making runes.
Mage vs. Range

Ranging is a pretty good way to fight. It's cheaper than maging but you cannot do as much ranging then you would be able to in maging. The pros of ranging are that you can re-use your arrows! Well most of them but not all of them. While attacking your opponent with ranging, then around 80-90% of your arrows falls down so that you can pick them up again and re-use them. In maging, once you attack your opponent with runes, then your runes are gone forever. It would be great for a ranger to become a member on Runescape because you can make it your arrows oppose to buying them which all free members has to do. In maging you do not have to be a member to make runes so this is why maging is good in another way. To make arrows, you would use you're fletching skills to make them and you can create them and then sell them too so anyway you would prefer.

As you can see, maging or ranging, each one of them has their benefits. It's the only the matter of which one you prefer. Obviously you can do both though which would be a good thing to do instead of focusing on only one skill. It would be more beneficial to you in all sorts of different ways which you will discover later on in the game.

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5 Responses

  1. mailboy1391

    mages are so fun to kill :) now i can slaughter any mage that walks around me…. mages work best in teams with rangers and warriors…. they can bind and hit 16s more often against a warrior than a warrior hits… it forces ur opponent to take off armor

  2. UPSET

    Wrong, I have 99 Mage, 88 Range. I can hit 34′s with people in full karlis. I use Ice Barrage(94) Armor used: full Ahrims ns, Master Wand, Mages Book, Inf boots, dragon gloves, zerker ring.

    For PK’N Deep Wildly you will always run into a mage/melee. not range/melee unless your at drags. And there not there to pk.

  3. Phaz

    I agree with you UPSET. You won’t find many warriors in the wilderness that are out there to PK. People PK other people though even if they are just doing a clue. It puts a strain on the Clue doers in my opinion. I think there should be a “Hostility” option that allows you to go hostile to another player (hostile meaning able to attack them). If your not hostile to them or vice-versa, then you or they shouldn’t be able to atatck each other.

  4. wave2453

    hey i got a question what does a mage book do anyway

  5. cameroon

    i was just playing and was slaughtering the mages. after a while i died but when i got back there i found all my stuf right under my toom stone

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