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Mine Pure Essence in RuneScape

August 12th, 2009 by admin

RuneScape Pure Essence

In RuneScape, pure essence is a rune essence that can be mined by member players. The reason pure essence is often in demand is because it can be used to make any type of rune available, giving players a lot of flexibility when it comes to runescape crafting. However, to mine pure essence, a player has to have at least level 30 mining. While only members can mine it from the rune essence mines, it can be traded to players who only have a free account. Players will receive five mining experience points per each pure essence they mine.

Steps to Mining Pure Essence

Runescape Mining Pure

How can you get started mining pure essence? Well, there are a few easy steps. First, as noted above, you must have a full membership to RuneScape because access to the rune essence mines is restricted to members. You also need to purchase a pickaxe so you can mine.

The first step is to get out there and mine until your character gets to at least level 30 mining. Otherwise, you won't be able to mine pure essence.

The Runescape Mysteries Quest

Next, you need to do the Rune Mysteries quest. If you can't teleport, this quest will take a bit of time. First, you have to go to Lumbridge Castle and get the air talisman from Duke Horacio. Take it to the Wizard's Tower near Draynor Village and give it to Wizard Sedridor in the basement. He then gives you a research package to take to Aubury, who lives in Varrock.

Aubury will want you to take his notes back to Wizard Sedridor, so it's back to Draynor Village. Return to the basement and hand him the notes. He will give you the air talisman again and teach you the runecrafting ability.

Runescape Mysteries Quest

Return to Aubury

Now that you've completed the quest, you have to return to Aubury's rune shop to start making runes. Aubury will teleport you to the icy caverns where you can mine pure essence. This is where your patience will be tested—you'll spend a lot of time mining here, so get used to your surroundings. You'll find the pattern goes like this:

» mine pure essences until your inventory is full
» use the portal to return to town
» dump all your pure essences into the bank
» return to the mine and get back to work!

What to Do with Pure Essences

If you do a lot of rune crafting, you'll need many pure essences to fuel your crafting. Pure essence can create blood, cosmic, chaos, death, law, and nature runes, which standard essence cannot create.

However, if you're looking to make some gold, pure essence goes for around 120 gold on the grand exchange. This is a great way to make some quick gold if you don't mind investing some work.

Tips on Mining Pure Essences

» Empty as much of your inventory as possible so you can carry more.

» Purchase pouches to carry more essences.

» Level your mining to 41 and obtain a rune pick axe. This axe allows you to mine more quickly.

Rune Pick Axe

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