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Moparscape Servers

August 14th, 2008 by admin

Moparscape is an illegal alternative to Runescape. Players will use this because they do not have to worry about breaking rules. Sometimes they will play on these because their account is banned on the real Runescape. Moparscape is illegal because they have stolen Runescape's code, and created copies. They are all out dated now, due to the Runescape High Definition update. I am sure Jagex is hoping to bring their members back with this update.

Moparscape Servers

Most of these copies of Runescape will have edited codes, so you will be able to do insane things, such as walking through walls. They will usually have a faster rate of experience points, easier levels, cheap weapons, and so on. This is useful for a lot of thieves, because they can take pictures of their players with dragon on in Moparscape and claim them to be real, and then try to sell them to people. Which breaks rule 6, no account sharing or trading. This is a great rule; it protects a lot of members from buying stolen accounts, and loosing their accounts to the ones they share to.

Moparscape Servers 2

Another term for these hacked versions of Runescape is Runescape Private Servers. Keep in mind that no matter what they say, these are not linked with the real Runescape in any way. Jagex is suing the makers of every copy they find, but there are thousands, and a lot of them are not online all the time, as they are ran off of someone's computer. Jagex wants these gone for many reasons, one being that a lot of these so called "Moparscape Downloads" are really just keyloggers.

Keyloggers are a type of computer virus that will "log" they keys you type and send them to the creator. Therefore, if you were to get one and type your Runescape username and password, they would instantly have it, and be able to hack your account. These are very dangerous, as they can get things like your credit card information. It really is not worth the effort of going out and risking getting a virus, just to use an illegal program. If you still think it is worth the risk, a simple Google search will do the trick.

Moparscape Servers 3

So why are these illegal copies so full of people? Perhaps because they can have all the things they cannot in the real Runescape. So basically, Moparscape is for lazy people who wont work in the real Runescape. Think about it, level 126 with all stats 99, is it any fun? Sure, you will have a few minutes enjoying doing things, but everything is already maxed out! You cannot go PKing, because everyone else is the exactly the same. There is no point in getting money, because all the items are already there! In these copies, there is no point in playing. Personally, I have never even been on a Moparscape server, because to me, it looked boring. Why would I want to go to an illegal rip off of Runescape to have everything, when I can get it from hard work in the real thing? Its not like you can show off to noobs there, because everyone has the exact same thing. How to make moparscape servers?

Moparscape Servers 4

Moparscape can seem interesting and exiting, but it is not. Of course, the original Runescape is the best. It has all the updates, all the safety, and there are plenty of new people to show off to, Haha. Happy Playing on the REAL Runescape.

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9 Responses

  1. Kaitlyn

    first of all.. Moparscape is the awsomest site ever… runescape just steals ur money for membership… and moparscape is free.. and anyways.. if someone gets banned on runescape, Moparscape is their if u spent like hours doing this… feel sorry for yourself cuz just because its illegal on the internet.. doesnt mean u can make people go on runescape.. so if ur like 25.. mind ur own bisness and let the kids play. Im 11 years old and so what.. yeah Im young.. whatcha gunna do about it.. call the police? its not like u can butt into our lives on the computer.. oh yeah by the way.. moparscape has free membership.. unlike the crappy runescape paypal stuff.. and anyways.. Im lvl 58 on runescape and lvl 70 on moparscape.. plus moparscape made me learn more about life like how to survive from people.. yeh dragons and stuff arn’t real but its the computer! everything on the computer isnt real.. so go cry to your mommy! cuz moparscape Dominates! >:)

  2. Cloud

    kaitlyn, i agree with you totally! Im only 12 years old and anyone over 15 shouldn’t even try to tell people what they should spend their time doing! Runescape took me 2 years to get to level 63 and moparscape i got tht in less than a year. Most people that play runescape dont even know about Moparscape which is less time consuming that Runescape, Ugh. Kaitly know whats good because i spent 2 hours on moparscape today.

  3. yuri

    well i was playing moparscape but i deleted everything about it have viruses,jagex will ban the account (i was using a lvl 3 account so if jagex banned him i dont care) and its ILLEGAL i don’ think so that jagex will call the police for who play it but they will for who made it so iam not worry about that but now my computer is too slow and bad just cuz i downloaded moparscape so i wanna back to the real after all iam not member its nice to be one for free but not in illegal thing the real is the start not the illegal copies and i wish jagex find the people made moparscape and servers.

    i closed my server and now iam ready to back to the real runescape. i hope all people play moparscape and private servers leave it cuz it’s illegal and have viruses.

  4. jacky

    i agree with kaitlyn n cloud. it took me two years to get to level 61. on moparscape theres no jackasses that call you a noob cuz ever1 can do the same thing. you cant preach about whats right and wrong on the internet. GOOD DAY SIR!

  5. doomdiger

    ive been playing mopar scape for about the last month and i had no idea about keyloggers or what they did. im takeing the 3-4 clients i have of them and im getting rid of them because its useless when you already have 9m of the same item and all 99 skills. i dont loke runescape because it is a waist of my money and time.if you know any other good games please let me knopw all i have is WoW and thats lame as hell.


  6. Riely

    Ok, I have played Moparscape. And i don’t agree with some parts of the staintments above, and some quite funny to read. But i have agree’d with alot too.

    1. Kaitlyn, Moparscape can’t teach you crap about real life suitations, Unless you carry a bloody Scimitar or a knife around with you.

    2. Moparscape is Free, but its people disitions if the’re going to pay on Runescape or not. So my opinion, Let them be. If you don’t like people talking about you not to play Moparscape, well don’t tell people they can’t pay for membership.

    3. Runescape does have more Aceivements, And all together is probaly more funner, Because why Spend 2 minutes to get level 70-80 defence starting from level 1. On Moparscape Then get to 99 aon most Your levels, Ready to go act all cool, Theres millions of better players, So i agree with that part.

    4. I also agree with the fact that you play moparscape, have fun gett all 99′s and then theres nothing to do. But with saying that, There is something to do. You can, Go PK, You can Chat you can find other servers, and have fun on them!

    5. DISAGREE! I disagree that when you go PK, That theres the SAME LEVEL PEOPLE. Well yes there is, But whats the point with being level 30-40-50 going to a PK World in RS And getting totaly owned by a level 102 or something? When you can go on Moparscape and Verse a level 100 when Your a level 100 and have a fun time owning each other, It makes it much funner because it’s so even.

    Just My Opinion’s. You can have Your own.

  7. Joe

    True Moparscape has insanely good levels. True you have fun getting up levels. True SOME Moparscape servers have key loggers, viruses, etc.

    Good: If you don’t be a fucking retard and pick a server labeling “Awasume serva! Awasume wukin brunz daggas!!!”, You won’t get a keylogger or virus. Moparscape servers are advanced if you did not know that. They have wildy levels containing the noobs with the noobs and higher levels with the higher levels.
    I’m sorry i can not tell you the rest of the goods of moparscape cause i have no time left to time, so I have A LIFE. Goodbye.

  8. parabolic

    Ehm.. I’m a bit late.

    Good things about Moparscape: quick to lvl! Real fun in the wilderness! & loads of money….

    Bad things about Moparscape:
    Well, for one, it’s ILLEGAL. after you’ve got all your lvls, and killed everyone, there’s NOTHING to do. Who ever said switching to another server has a point, but than you’ve lost the friends you’ve made in the first server?!

    Good things about Runescape:
    Steady leveling, Steady learning curve for new players, Plenty of worlds to switch to.. & still talk to people you’ve just met! Mini-games that make sence! and better acheivement/award system! it also has regular updates, no viruses attatched & a better enviroment to play.

    Bad things about Runescape:
    It’s slow… you won’t have as much Gold.

    CONCLUSION, if you don’t mind the slow Route, play runescape, it’s better to play, (overall.. in my opinion)

    if you can’t stand leveling so slowly!.. or having no gold! either play runescape, and earn it. or play Moparscape. << which i wouldn’t suggest as it’s ILLEGAL to host servers, your hard work may be gone once Runescape has Rid of all the Privates servers out there. redering all your hard work pointless… EHM. atleast you’ll still have your Runescape characters :)

  9. P servers

    Well, now they have private servers that even play in HD. There are sooo many private servers that Jagex can’t even handle it. I love private servers such as moparscape. Illegal… don’t really care. Even hosting one. Jagex gives you a warning thats it. Its if you refuse to remove your server than Jagex sues you X.X

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