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Black Knight's Fortress

July 11th, 2007 by admin

Difficulty: Easy
Items Needed: Cabbage, Bronze Medium Helmet, Iron Chainbody
Length: Medium
Requirements: A minimum of twelve quest points and able to survive attacks when fighting with level 33 knights
Description: Oh No! What are the Black Knight (Bad Guys) up to now? Their Mischief! Well, with the help of the White Knights (Good Guys), You will experience the joy of spying on the Black Knights and crashing their plans! Ha-ha doesn't that sound fun?

Quest Instructions:

1.) Well the starting point would be in the White Knight's Castle which is located in Falador. Start this Quest by talking to Sir Amik Varze. He is located in the castle on the third floor. When you talk to him, he will tell you that the Black Knights are planning to get rid of the White Knights. To stop the Black Knights from do this, the White Knights are going to ask you to spy on them. When he does ask you, Accept his challenge.

2.) Next thing to do is to head to the Monastery. You should find it located east of the Ice Mountain. As soon as you get there just look north and you will find cabbages growing there. Go ahead and pick one up.

3.) Now, this is where the fun begins! o ahead to the North of the ice mountains. There you will find the Black Knight's Fortress. If you have the Bronze Medium Helmet and the Iron Chain body, it is now time to wield them. So, if you do have them, Skip the next step. If you don't, then here is how to get the items:

Cabbage: Read step 2 above. It should tell you where to get the cabbage.

Bronze Medium Helmet: Getting the bronze medium helmet should be pretty easy. You could either mine a copper and a tin ore and smelt them to make a bronze bar. Once you make the bronze bar, then take it to any anvil including the hammer and make the Bronze Medium Helmet. Also you can buy it at any local general store for about five to ten gold points. To smith, this you would have to have an experience level of one.

Iron Chain body: The Iron chain body has the same concept. It can be player made. All you need is to mine a few iron ores and then take them to the furnace and smelt them. Keep in mind that you only have 50% chance of getting the iron bar, and that is precicely the reason why I tell you to mine several. Finally, make sure you have three iron bars. Also to smith it, you would have to have an experience level of 26. Also you will be able to buy the chain body at any local general store or you can buy it at the Chain body Store located in Varrock.

** I strongly suggest you get these items before you start the quest. With them in hand, it will not take that long to complete, compared to not having them along with you. **

** Also I would suggest that you bring runes to teleport, back to Falador at the end, so that you can save some valuable time, but you need the right amount of maging level to do this. **

4.) Okay, so you now have the items. You should have by now already wielded the Armor. You should find a door in the Central Fortress. You should be able to find it on the South. Next, push the door to go upstairs. Okay, now that you are inside, you can put on your regular armor for the rest of the quest.

5.) After you push the wall, climb to the top floor of the fortress. You should then find a ladder to go downstairs. You can go down that ladder now. Open the door on the East now. You will find a ladder you need to climb. It will take you to a room, where you will find two cannons and a black knight. Now, climb down the ladder to your East. You will come to another room, where you should be able to find the Zamorak Alter. Once you have opened the door, a Black Knight will then come attack you. You can choose to not fight it just by simply walking away.

6.) Continue the quest by climbing the laddert on your Southwest. You should now be in a small room. Right now, we will start spying on the black knights. Go to the grill and pick the option 'listen at grill'. You should be able to see a witch who says the weapon is almost ready. To finish the weapon, she will need the cabbage that grows in Draynor Manor, and any other cabbage will destroy the weapon. And that's your cue to destroying the weapon.

7.) Ok, so head back downstairs to the main floor and push the wall to get out. Open the door to your East. Now a guard will come up to you and tell you that the Black Knights are holding a very important meeting, that they will kill anyone who gets in. Tell the guard that you are brave and then you go inside.

Once you are inside, a black knight will attack you. Again, you can choose to kill it or to just simply walk away and go up the ladder. Walk East, then go south and you will see a wall. Choose the option to push the wall. You will find a hole on the floor. Do you still have that cabbage you picked? Well! now it's time for you to drop it in the hole. The cabbage will now fall in the cauldron and destroy the weapon. Great Work! Now your job is complete!

8.) To finish the quest, head back to Falador and talk to Sir Amik Varz. You may also teleport there, to make it faster. He will then reward you.


Congratulations!! You have completed the Black Knight's Fortress Quest!
A job well done!


  • 3 Quest Points
  • 2500 Coins

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