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Dragon Slayer

March 5th, 2008 by admin

Difficulty: Experienced
Length: Long
Requirements: Be a member of the Champions guild (32 quest points); Be able to kill the level 83 Green dragon Elvarg.
Items Needed:

  • 90 steel nails
  • Three Planks (can be found in the wild near the Hill Giants)
  • Hammer
  • 2000 GP (or an extra 10k if you cannot telegrab) Telegrab runes if you choose to telegrab the last map piece (1 law 1 air rune)
  • An Unfired bowl (go to Barbarian village with some soft clay and make it.)
  • a Lobster pit
  • Silk
  • a Wizards mind bomb (falador pub)
  • I also suggest some steel armor and a rune weapon

Start Point: Champion's Guild
Talk to the Guild master. During your conversation, ask him about rune plate armor. He will give you information about Oziach. Now, you must to the Northwest of the Edgeville Bank to find Oziach's home.

Once you meet Oziach, ask him about Rune plate, the anti-dragon shield, and map pieces. From Oziach, you will receive a key to Melzar's Maze.
After you have the key, it is time to head to the Oracle. You will find the Oracle above the Dwarven Mines. Take along the Silk, Wizard's mind bomb, unfired bowl, and the Lobster pot. The Oracle will tell you about a door at the mines that is usually locked. Now, head to the mines. The door the Oracle was talking about is close by the northeast part of the mine. Remember, to take along the Silk, Wizard's mind bomb, unfired bowl, and the Lobster pot. As you walk through the door, these items will disappear. You will find a chest here with a Map piece.

Now, you are ready to head to Melzar's Maze, but grab some food first. You can find the Maze by heading south of the Crafting Guild. Use the maze key on the door; kill those ugly giant rats until you receive a red key. Use the red key to open the door on the Northwest side and climb the ladder.

Now, visit Draynor. While you are there, talk to Ned. He will offer to take you to Crandor. You will have to give him your map and then you will be able to meet him at the ship. Now, you are in for a huge battle. Be sure to pick up a few potions, food, armor, and weapons. You should use magic equipment and crossbow. You can bring along teleport runes if you wish. Do not forget your Dragonfire shield.

Make your way into the ruins as quickly as possible. Stay close to the walls of her chamber. At first, she will pretend that you are not there and the best part is her fire cannot reach you if you stay along the walls. This is the best place to be for rangers and mages. Enjoy the battle!
Go the Lady Lumbridge, the ship waiting for you. Head down the deck and talk with Ned. Off you go to Crandor.

When you arrive in Crandor, get off the ship, and head up the hill. You will find a path to follow. Follow the path until you run into King Scorpions. Avoid them and head north until you find another up point. Keep going up, avoid the Lesser Demon, and go into the cave opening.
When you get into the cave, watch out for the skeletons. Just avoid them and keep walking by the stronger one. Find the door and enter.

If you remembered your potions, now is the perfect time to use them. You should also be prepared to use your Dragonfire Shield. If you did not bring one then you had better get one before you begin the battle with Elvira.

Attack Elvarg (She is level 83). She is harder than your average level 83. Be sure to stay alive and eat when you need it. (I hope you have enough food). You can sneak off and hide in order to eat.

Once you have defeated Elvarg you will be transported outside of her cage. Now, you can teleport home to Lumbridge.

Quest Points Reward: 2

  • 18,650 Strength XP
  • 18650 Defense XP
  • The right to wear Green dragon leather body
  • The right to wear Rune platebody

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