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Druidic Ritual

July 17th, 2007 by admin

Difficulty: Easy
Items Needed: Raw Bear Meat, Raw Rat Meat, Raw Beef, Chicken
Length: Medium

Quest Instructions:
1. If you do not have the items needed, then start off by going to Lumbridge. Follow this map to and kill the monsters to get their meat/chicken.
Druidic Ritual

2. Once you get all four meats, head over to Taverly and go to the stone circle and talk to Kaqemeex. He will ask you to go to Sanfew. Follow the map to go to Sanfew.
Druidic Ritual

3. Once you get there, go up stairs and you will find Sanfew. He will tell you to go get the meats and go down to the cauldron. The cauldron is located in the dungeon which is circled in the image above. When you're in the dungeon, go north until you reach the gate on you're right and go through there. Use the meats with the cauldron. Keep in mind that if you're a low level some monsters will come and attack you. Simply run away.

4. Now that you have put you're meat in the cauldron, take them back to Sanfew. After this, go back to Kaqemeex and he will award you you're prize and also talk to you about the Herblore skill.

5. Congratulations, quest completed!

  • 4 Quest Points
  • 250 Herblore XP
  • Access to Herblore skill

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    Those are some pretty nice guides there. Keep it up! ;)

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