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Ernest the Chicken

January 1st, 2009 by admin

Ernest the Chicken

Description: Veronica is very worried. Her finance went into the big spooky manor house to ask for directions. An hour later and he's still not out yet.
Start Point: Gates of Draynor Manor
Reward: 300 coins
Quest Points: 4
Items Needed: Spade (can be gotten during quest)
Requirements: None
Length: Medium
Difficulty: Novice
To Start: Speak to Veronica.

To begin this quest, you will need to go to the gates of Draynor Manor. Once you are there, find the woman named Veronica. Talk to her and she will tell you about how her fiancee, Ernest, went into Draynor Manor one hour ago and she has not seen him since. Tell Veronica that you will help find him, then go into the mansion.

Once you are inside the doors will close and lock behind you. Walk up the staircase that is close to the doors you entered into. When you make it upstairs, take the spiral staircase up another level and you will discover a person named Professor Oddenstein. Talk to him and ask about Ernest. He will tell you that Ernest helped him with an experiment and has been turned into a chicken. Ask him to turn him back and he will tell you that gremlins stole three parts from his machine, a Rubber tube, an Oil can, and a Pressure Gauge. He will then ask you to help find the parts.

Oil Can

First let's get the Oil can, go to the basement. The basement can be accessed by a secret room behind a bookcase that is in the southwest corner of Draynor Manor. It should be easy to find. Once you get inside the secret room, start down the ladder. When you arrive at the basement, you will see many different levers that will open and close different doors. This is the part that makes Ernest the Chicken so hard, and many people give up when they reach this part. Luckily, you have me.

» Pull the A and B levers and open the northeast door.
» Pull the D lever and go through the southwest door then proceed through the south door.
» Pull the A and B levers again and open the northwest door then go through the west door followed by the north door.
» Pull the F and E levers and open the east door then continue through the next east door.
» Pull the C lever and head back through the northwest door and then through the west door.
» Pull the E levers and open the east door then the south door followed by another south door.
» Finally open the west door and grab the Oil can.

Rubber tube

Now that you have your Oil can, we will get the Rubber tube next. Make your way to the ground floor and go to the southeast corner. Grab the spade in this room. (Unless you have gotten one already.)

Go outside through the door in the back of the room and head around the mansion to the other side. You will find a pile of compost and it will have the option to search it. Use the search option or use your spade on it and you will get a key. Go back into the house (using the front door) and use the key to open the small room behind the staircase. The room has a level 22 Skeleton, do not worry about it. Run it and grab the tube, then make a quick escape. Now you just have one more to go.

Pressure Gauge

This next item is my personal favorite, The Pressure gauge! Go up the staircase and into the room south of the stairs. Pick up the Fish Food in the room and go back down the stairs. Head on over to the west side of the mansion and go into the small room next to the kitchen where you will notice some Poison. Pick up the Poison, and then use the Poison with the Fish food. This will make Poisoned Fish Food. Go back outside the mansion through the door you went through the first time and go to the southwest corner of the lawn (if you can call it a lawn, haha.) Now use the Poisoned Fish Food with the fountain. You will receive a message saying the fish have been killed. Now search the fountain and you will get the Pressure gauge.

Now simply go back into the mansion and talk to Professor Oddenstein. He will thank you for the items and then he will turn Ernest back into a human. Ernest (Ernest the Chicken) will be glad to no longer be a chicken, (who wouldn't!) and he will reward you for your help.

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