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Goblin Diplomacy

July 7th, 2007 by admin

Difficulty: Easy
Items Needed: Three Brown Goblin mails, Two Woad Leaves or (20 gold points to buy them), Three Red Berries, Two Onions and 35 Gold Points.
Length: Medium
Requirements: None.
Description: Errrggg! The generals are fighting over what color their armor should be? Do you know well help them out so the fighting could finally cease!

Quest Instructions:

1.) To Start off this Quest, head over to Goblin Village and speak with either General Bentnoze or General Wartface. Goblin Village and both Generals are located North of Falador.

2.) When you get there speak to either General Bentnoze or General Wartface. Before you talk to them you will notice them arguing about something. Speak to them to find out. When you do talk to one of them you will find out that they are fighting about which color armor suits goblins the best. You should tell them them they should change to another color. Once you suggest that they will pick the color Orange. They will tell you to search the crates to find the armor. Keep searching until you find some armor. Once you get three its time to color them.

3.) If you already have the Items needed then i suggest you skip Step 3.

Blue Dye: To get the blue dye, you would have to have two Woad leaves. To get the Woad leaves you could buy them at the park located in Falador. Go all the way to the tip end and Wyson the Gardener will sell them to you. If you already have the Woad leaves either at the bank or in your inventor then you could skip that step. Be sure to have your five coins to make the dye.

Red Dye: To get the red dye you would have to collect three red berries in Varrock or you would have to buy them in the food store located in Port Sarim. Be sure to have your five coins with you to make the dye.

Yellow Dye: To get the Yellow Dye, You would have to go south of Rimmington in the field to collect two onions. Remember also to get your five coins to make this dye.

Orange Dye: Making Orange Dye is pretty easy. As soon as you make the Red Dye and Yellow Dye just use the Dyes on each other and it will turn orange. Simple and Easy! =D

4.) So now that you have all the items needed to complete this quest (Check the Items needed above to make sure you have all of them) It is now time to head over to Aggie the Witch. Aggie is located in Draynor Village. Ask her to make you the Dyes that you need using the items that you have and also five gold points for each dye. You should have made a red dye, a yellow dye, and a blue dye. You can now mix the yellow dye and red dye to make the Orange Dye.

5.) Okay, so now that you have all Dyes needed it is now time to color the armor. Use the blue dye with a goblin mail and it should have turned blue. Use an Orange Dye with a Goblin mail and it should have turned Orange. and for the final Goblin mail just leave it that color, Brown.

6.) You now have all the armor needed! Now head back over to Goblin Village and talk to one of the Generals. Tell them that you have the orange armor. After you do a cut scene will appear. Grubfoot will then try it on and they will tell you that orange does not go with their skin tone. They will now suggest the blue would be a good color for the armor.

7.) You then now talk to General Bentnoze or General Wartface and tell them you have the blue armor. Another cut scene will appear and again they will ask Grubfoot to try it on. The general do not think it is nice. They think they should be wearing earthly clothes like brown.

8.) Finally you repeat this step and tell him that you have the brown armor. The Final cut scene will appear and Grubfoot will try on the brown armor. Everyone agrees that brown is the best color to wear. Once you are done with that...

Congradulations! You have Completed the Goblin Diplomacy Quest! It is now time to receive your reward!


  • 5 Quest Points
  • A Gold Bar
  • 200 Crafting Experience

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