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Imp Catcher

November 20th, 2007 by admin

Wizard Mizgog needs your help! After summoning little red creatures known as Imps, they have been nothing but trouble for him. They have stolen a bunch of stuff, including some of his precious magic beads!

Minimum Requirements: None – Just be able to kill imps easily, or have money.
Start point: Wizard's Tower – Located southwest of Lumbridge castle.
To start: Speak to Wizard Mizgog in the Wizard’s Tower.
Quest length: Medium- Short if you pay for beads; long if you get them yourself.
Members only: No
Difficulty: Very easy

Objective: Wizard Mizgog wants all his beads back! Find and kill imps and pick up beads that they drop. Wizard Mizgog is looking for one of each color bead: black, yellow, red, and white.

There are two ways to complete this quest:

- Buy the Beads – If you have the money, why not take the easy way out and spend it to buy all the beads? Prices of the beads will vary on how much you want it, how much they want for it, and how many different colors you’re looking to buy. They shouldn’t cost too much though. Go to the crowded banks in Varrock for the quickest way to find people with beads.

- Kill for the Beads – This way will take longer of course, but at least it will be cheaper. Imps are very easy to kill because they are only a level 3. If you have a decent weapon and are any level above 3, than killing them will be a piece of cake. The stronger your hits are the better- because Imps are cowards- they tend to run away and disappear if they are losing. Chasing them down every time can be a hassle. Imps don’t drop beads every time though- in fact they drop other random junk too, and sometimes they will just leave behind their ashes. This is why this can be a rather lengthy process. But, if you prefer this way instead of spending money, than go ahead. You can even just make this a passive quest instead of something you direct all your attention to. This means that you can just continue what you enjoy doing, and whenever you see an Imp kill it. This will take a lot longer but if you aren’t focusing on beating the quest immediately than it won’t be a problem.

Runescape Imp Catcher

The little Imps can be found almost anywhere. If you want to stay near the area of the Wizards tower however, than go a bit northeast into the woods. There are some Imps roaming around in there, along the pathway that takes you next to Lumbridge’s general store. And even around the area of the general store too.

When you get all four of the magic beads: Head back to the Wizards Tower and talk to Wizard Mizgog.
Runescape Wizards Tower

He’ll thank you and then reward you with the following:

Experience: 875 Magic Experience
Items: Amulet of Accuracy (adds +4 to all forms of attack when worn)
Quest Points: 1 Quest Point

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