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Pirate's Treasure

April 19th, 2008 by admin

The Pirate's Treasure Quest will give you a pirate's treasure; however, you will of course have to work for it. Fun short adventure for novice players.

Difficulty: Novice
Length: Short
Requirements: None
Items Needed: 60 coins, a White apron, and a Spade
Start Point: Port Sarim

Pirate's Treasure

First, you will need to speak to Redbeard Frank at Port Sarim. He will tell you about a treasure. Redbeard Frank after telling you all about the treasure will ask you to get him some Karamja rum. This will not be an easy task, as before you leave Karamja, you will be searched, and if you have any rum it will be taken away. Then you will have to buy more.

Pirate's Treasure 2

Sail on over to Karamja, hop off the ship, and go to the nearby bar where you can buy the Karamja rum for 30 coins. Now you have the rum you need for Redbeard Frank, but remember you must find a way to conceal the rum when you are searched or you will have to buy more. Before you try to leave Karamja, head over to Luthas. He is in the house by the dock. Luthta will explain that he runs the plantation. Ask him for a job. Go to the Banana trees and pick 10 bananas. Fill the crate by Luthas' house with 5 bananas, then put the rum in, put the remaining 5 bananas in on top of the rum to hide the rum. When you have done this, talk to Luthas again, he will pay you 30 coins for your work.

Pirate's Treasure 3

Use the 30 coins to pay your way back to Port Sarim. Once you arrive in Port Sarim, go west to the store, and find a guy called Wydin who owns the shop. Put on your white apron and talk to him. (If you don't have a white apron, head north and there will be a fish shop with one hanging on the wall.) Ask Wydin to hire you, he will not hire you, so be prepared. Okay, now try to open the backroom's door. When you try to open the door, Wydin will tell you that you can't enter unless you are an employee. Now, ask Wydin for a job again. At last, you will be hired!

You can now enter the backroom and search the crates you find there. When you find the right crate you will, of course, find a crate filled with bananas and the bottle of Karamja rum that you placed there. Take out the rum and head back over to Redbeard Frank.

When you hand the Karamja rum to Redbeard Frank, he will be pleased and gladly give you the key along with a new bit of information. The chest in Varrok contains the treasure. Run on over to Varrok and find the general store. Now, travel south to the Blue Moon Inn. Climb up to the second floor and in the west room, you will find a chest. Use the key on the chest and you will find a note. Read the note; it will say that the treasure is in Falador's Park.

Make your way to Falador Park. Once you are in the park search for the Saradomin Statue. Use your spade right in the middle of the 4 pathways meeting point, (X marks the spot) If you don't have a spade, one can be found in the small house east of the Furnace. If you dig up any of the flowers a Gardener may attack you, kill him, and continue digging. When you hit the right spot, you will know it.

Pirate's Treasure 4

Quest Points Reward: 2
Reward: 450 coins, a Cut Emerald, and a Gold Ring.

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