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Romeo and Juliet - Quest guide

July 4th, 2007 by admin

Difficulty: Easy
Items Needed: Cadava berries
Length: Short
Description: Why doesn't Juliet's father approve? Can't he see that they are madly in love? Well it is now up to you now to help them get together and get married to live happily ever after.

Quest Instructions:

1.) You can start this quest by talking to Romeo and Varrock square. He is almost always there but if you do not see him try looking around in the general store because there are times when he goes in there and wonder around.

2.) Once you have talked to him he will tell you about Juliet and how her father does not accept them getting married. He will tell you to go find Juliet and go talk to her.

3.) Juliet is located on her balcony on the second floor. Once you speak with her she will tell you all about their love life and their affairs with each other. Now at this time she will hand you a letter to take back to Romeo

4.) Take the letter back to Romeo. He will read it and he will send you off to Father Lawrence. He is located in the chapel in northeast of Varrock.

5.) Meet up with Father Lawrence and notice he is in the middle of a sermon and there are a couple of people dozing off while he talks. Tell him that Romeo has sent you and tell him the situation that Romeo and Juliet is in. He will then tell you that you need a Cadava Potion. Also to get one you would have to meet up with the Apothecary and that he will give you the Cadava potion if you get him the ingredients. The ingredients he will ask you to get him are: *If you have them already then go ahead and skip the next step.**

  • Cadava Berries: To get the Cadava berries head up east of Varrock by the mining site and you will see some on the floor. Go ahead and pick up a few.. I'm not sure if you'll need all of them but take then just in case. If you have them in your bank now is a great time to get them and use it.

6.) Now that you have the items needed take them to the Apothecary and he will make you the Cadava Potion.

7.) You have the potion now. Take it back to Juliet. She will drink it and a cut scene will appear.

8.) Go and meet up with Romeo. Talk to him and tell him the plan. Once you do another cut scene should appear. Once this happens the quest is complete!

Congratulations, Quest Complete!


  • 5 Quest Points

(For this Quest they only give 5 quest points. There are no other prize items so I didn't forget to mention any of them.)

Target Keywords: Where to find cadava berries.

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3 Responses

  1. Josh Lane

    Can you tell me the directions on how to find Juliet at the Balcony like how do i get to the Balcony on Runescape?

  2. zipy

    I get the berries and then come back to
    Father Lawrence buy he keep tell me to get the berries? And he won’t give me the potion even though i been trying so many time??

  3. mailboy1391

    you dont talk to father lawrence zipy, you talk the the potion making guy

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