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RuneScape Back to my Roots

July 30th, 2010 by admin

Horacio in Back to my Roots Quest Guide RuneScape Back to my Roots is a member's only quest that became available in 2007. There are a few nice rewards for finishing this quest including 1 quest point and access to the Jade Wine Farming Patch.

You will also pick up plenty of skill points as well. You will need to have already competed a few quests before attempting this one including; One Small Favor, Tribal Totem, a Fairy Tale (part 1), and the Hand in the Sand. To start RuneScape Back to my Roots you need to speak with Horacio in Handelmort Mansion in East Ardougne; you will find him in a garden of a large house.

Back to my Roots

Difficulty: 4/5
Length: Medium
Requirements: A Fairy Tale Part I, Hand in the Sand, One Small Favour, Tribal Totem, 55 Agility, 53 Farming, 59 Slayer, 72 Woodcutting

When you talk to him he will ask you to help him with his garden. In particular he wants a rare jade vine. You will be sent to the Wizard Cromperty where you will be given a means to transport the vine. Before he will help you though, you will need to pick up a package for him from the depot in South Ardougne. When you arrive you will find that the workers are a bit worried about the smell form one of the parcels; they won't go near it. You are made of braver stuff and inside you find a severed arm.

Runescape Back to my Roots at Karamja

Back to my Roots Quest Guide

When you go back to Wizard Cromperty you will be disappointed to find that he is still not ready to provide you with transport. You will first need to find him a lid for the transportation pot. You will find a bridge over a river in East Ardougne; follow the river and you will find some soft clay that you can use to make a lid. Put it into an oven and when ready take it back to the wizard. You are then instructed to go speak to a farmer Brimhaven who knows all about the vine.

You will find a boat to take you to Karamja and you will find Brimhaven a bit south of the port. You will find the farmer, whose name is Garth, standing beside a fruit tree. After you talk with him you will be told to take a cart to Shilo Village. You will find a fence on the west of the village follow this until you come to a bridge. There you will find a vine; just be careful though because there are monsters about.

Maps, Back to my Roots in Runescape

Once you climb the vine you will find a maze that you need to solve. Be careful because every time you take a wrong turn you will fall down a hole in the maze. You will find some mounds at the base of the tree; clear the earth and you want to cut off the root nearest the tree. Don't worry if your root dies because you can cut another one; once you have a healthy root put it into your pot and go back to Ardoungne.

You now need to grow your vine; this means protecting it and helping it grow. The weapon you need to protect the vine will be a woodcutting axe. Once the vine grows it will begin to attack you. You will need to use protective magic to defend yourself. Make sure that you have some anti-poison available because the vine will try to poison you; keep on checking your health. Once you have cut all the vines right down to the stump you will have won. You then need to go back and speak to Horacio who will have a reward for you. You have now just completed RuneScape Back to my Roots – congratulations on a job well done

Back to my Roots

» 1 quest point
» 24,000 Farming XP
» 40,000 Woodcutting XP
» 23,000 Slayer XP
» 15,000 Agility XP
» New vine farming page
» Jade Vine Seed

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