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RuneScape Curse of Arrav

September 6th, 2010 by admin

RuneScape Curse of Arrav is a member's only quest that was made available in 2009. This is a fairly difficult quest, and can take a moderate amount of time to complete. To begin the quest you will need to find Ali the Wise in Nardah. You will need to have a modest amount of skill and some quest experience to be able to tackle this adventure; you will also need to have fully restored Senliten. There are some nice rewards for completing RuneScape Curse of Arrav including 1 quest point and plenty of skill points.


Skill: 37 Slayer, 41 Summoning, 61 Agility, 64 Ranged, 64 Mining, 64 Strength, 66 Thieving
Quests: Defender Of Varrock, Shades of Mort'ton, Troll Romance, The Tale of the Muspah, Missing My Mummy
Difficulty: 4/5
Length: Medium
Members only: Yes

Curse of Arrav

RuneScape Curse of Arrav Walkthrough

When you speak to Ali the Wise he will send you to Trollweiss Mountain; he wants you to find out about some strange creatures. He will send you in the direction of some tunnels on the top of the mountain. On your way to your destination you may have to fight trolls, or if you have the ability you can skip all this and just teleport. Otherwise follow a northwest path until you arrive at some ice gates. You will find a cave entrance where you now need to go.

Inside the cave is full of monsters so you will need to run and protect yourself as best you can. You will arrive at some rubble that needs to be cleared; you need a mining level of at least 64 for this. You will only be able to mine some of the way from one side and will need to go to the East side to finish off. When you have made it through the rubble you will find a stone tablet. After you have picked up the stone you will be faced with a lot more rubble which you will need to tackle. Keep working away until you find a second tablet.

After the second stone table there is more rubble to be cleared and for your effort here you will be rewarded by yet another stone tablet. This puzzle of clearing the rubble can seem confusing but if you are told you can't move one place just move on to somewhere else and continue there. All the rubble will have to be cleared so keep at it.

Once you have cleared the rubble move along the middle of the path; clearing rocks as you go. Eventually you will gain access to a cellar. You will notice a bookcase and you need to search this. You will find some notes which should be read along with what is written on your stone tablets.

When you go up the stairs from the cellar you get to face Arav who is under the control of Zemouregal. At first you will be able to talk with him but soon he will begin attacking you. He will continue to talk as he attacks and you can learn a lot from what he says. You need to defend yourself and what you get his life down to about half he will disappear. You should then head south where you will find a room with a tapestry; look behind and you will find some more notes and a key. Take everything back to Ali the Wise. He will discover that there may be a way to help Arav; his heart has been captured and you need to free it.

Tapestry Runescape

Now you need to go to Senliten and go speak to the Pharaoh Queen. She will give you a special jar that you can use to protect Arav's heart; you will also be expected to add some ingredients yourself to help the jar preserve the organ. Return to Ali and he will send you to Zemouregal's Chaos Temple.

You will find a trapdoor near the altar and you need to enter this. Follow the path past the zombies and use the key to open the metal door. Go into the kitchen and you will find a pipe that leads to the sewers. You find a room in the south where you will also come across some decoder strips. You need to picklock a chest in which you will find a code key which you then use to open another metal door. Enter the code, make your carefully past the bobby traps and you will have completed RuneScape Curse of Arrav.

Curse of Arrav Results

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