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RuneScape Myths of the White Lands

November 9th, 2010 by admin

RuneScape Myths of the White Lands is a members only quest that was first added back in 2008. The mission is given by explorer Jack who will be waiting for you just west of Lumbridge general store. He has heard that there is many riches and much magic to be found in the Land of Snow. He heard all this from a snow imp and now wants you to go and investigate.

This is a medium difficulty challenge but you will have to solve quite a few puzzles. If you take the quest to find some stones for Jack he promises to reward you with an experience lamp. In order to get to the land of snow you can either track down the head snow imp or go to the basement of the Wizard's tower and teleport from there; you will have to use the phrase "Ectosum glissendo".

Runescape Myths of the White Lands

RuneScape Myths of the White Lands

Once you get to the land of snow you will need to navigate an ice field in order to reach the cave entrance. Inside the cave is a huge room made up of ice. Your mission is to now make it across this huge room to the exit on the other side; a lot easier than it sounds. You accomplish this by using all the obstacles in the room to stop your slides; this way you maneuver from one side of the room to the other. You won't be able to go in a straight line so this is where your puzzle skills will come into force; you will need to choose horizontal and diagonal slides. You will have six more rooms in which to perform similar puzzles while making your way from one side to the other.

At last you will come to the sixth room you will be about to start your slide maneuvers as normal but you will be interrupted by a Yeti. He shouts as you and you will have to retreat out of the room; this leaves you in a predicament because you now can't use the main entrance to get through the sixth room. Don't despair though because there is another way. You will find some large stones and what you need to do is move these around until they fit into the gaps; while you are moving them you are creating a path. If you want to push a block you need to make sure that you are standing on firm ground; otherwise you will just slide all over the place.

Eventually you will find yourself back in the previous room; your aim now is to reach the ledge in the Northwest corner of the room. Pay close attention to the wall and you can pick up 20k woodcutting XP. Once you have made it along the ledge you will find a crevice and you need to squeeze through this back to the Yeti; don't worry he can't see you. You will find a pipe and if you shout into this you will scare the Yeti. You then work your back until you are back down with the Yeti; he is unconscious and you take the stones and return to explorer Jack. RuneScape Myths of the White Lands is now complete.

» 1 Quest Point
» 500 XP Reward lamp

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