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Witch's Potion

June 18th, 2007 by admin

About Quest:

Difficulty: Easy
Items Needed: 3 Gold Points
Length: Short

You will help Witch Hetty out with her cauldron by getting her some ingredients to complete this quest. This quest is very easy and can be done in just a few minutes by following through on this guide. To complete this quest sooner, all you have to do is get the following items before you start the quest. If not, then you can just simply get them while doing the quest. The items are onion, rat's tail, a piece of burnt meat and an eye of newt.

Quest Instructions:

1.) Start off by talking to Witch Hetty. She is located in Rimmington in the southeastern house.
Witch’s Potion - 1

2.) She will then ask you to get her a few items so that she can make her cauldron. The following items which she asks you to bring to her are...

  • An onion
  • A rat's tail
  • A piece of burnt meat
  • An eye of newt

3.) If you had these items already when starting the quest, then you can skip this step.
Onion: From Witch Hetty's place, you will go north and then on your west you will see a cabbage/onion field. Pick up one onion.
Rat's tail: To get a Rat's tail, simply go back to Witch Hetty's place and right beside her place will be a spot which is fluttered with rats. Simply kill one and then you will get one when it's killed. You must start the quest in order to get it.
Burnt meat: You can find some raw rat meat east from Witch Hetty. Kill about five to ten of them and take the raw rat meat to cook. In the place right before Hetty's is a range. Use the raw rat meats on the range until you get a burnt one.
Eye of Newt: You can purchase one of these at the Port Sarim magic shop for three coins.

4.) Now your done with getting all the items! Take all the items to Witch Hetty.
5.) Once you give her all the items, go ahead and drink the green thing in the middle which is the cauldron. It tastes nasty.
6.) You are now done with the quest! Here is an image of what you will get once the quest is completed.
Witch’s Potion - 2


  • 1 Quest Point
  • 325 Magic XP

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  1. thebangbom

    this website helped me a lot because am lvl 14 and i done nearly all my quests

  2. Anonymous

    you don’t need to kill lot of big rats for meat you just can use cooked meat on range to burn it(when you started the quest)

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