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April 2nd, 2009 by admin

Runescape Beer

Friendly greetings! I am back again to tell you about Runescape Beer. Beer is an excellent way to temporarily increase your stats. Now you have player brewable beers as well! Yes, that's right; it's not the same old beers any more! Let me start with the Free to Play member's drinks. From there I will take us deeper and deeper into the world of Runescape Beer.

Normal Beers (Free to Play)

Effects: +2 Strength, -4 Attack
Price: 2-5 gp

Asgarnian Ale
Effects: +2 Strength, -4 Attack
Price: 2-5gp

Dwarven Stout
Effects: +1 Mining, +1 Smithing, -4 Attack, -3 Defense, -3 Strength
Price: 2gp

Wizard's Mind Bomb
Effects: +3 Magic, -4 Attack, -3 Defense, -3 Strength
Price: 2gp

Normal Beers (Pay to Play)

Bandit's Brew
Effects: +1 Thieving, -1 Attack, -1 Defense, -1 Strength
Price: 650gp

Dragon Bitter
Effects: +2 Strength, -3 Attack
Price: 2gp

Runescape Dragon Bitter

Greenman's Ale
Effects: +1 Herblore, -4 Attack, -3 Defense, -3 Strength
Price: 10gp

Moonlight Mead
Effects: Heals 4 hit points
Price: 10gp

Players using the cooking and the farming skills make brewed Beers. Basically, there are four steps to Brewing your own beer.
These are:

1. Fill the Vat in a Brewery with 2 buckets of water.
2. Put 2 Barley Malts (cook a Barley on a Range) in the Vat.
3. Place your main ingredient in the Vat.
4. Pour a pot of Ale Yeast into the Vat.

Now, let me name the different Brewable Beers that are available to players.

Brewed Beers

Runescape Brewable Beer

Cooking Level Required: 14
Needed to Brew: 4 Apple Mush
Effects: +1 Farming, -3 Attack, -3 Strength

Dwarven Stout
Cooking Level Required: 19
Needed to Brew: 4 Hammerstone Hops
Effects: +1 Smithing, +1 Mining, -6 Attack, -6 Strength

Asgarnian Ale
Cooking Level Required: 24
Needed to Brew: 4 Asgarnian Hops
Effects: +4 Strength, -8 Attack,

Greenman's Ale
Cooking Level Required: 29
Needed to Brew: 4 Harralander
Effects: +2 Herblore, -8 Attack, -6 Defense, -6 Strength

Wizard Mind Bomb
Cooking Level Required: 34
Needed to Brew: 4 Yanillian Hops
Effects: +3 or +2 Magic, -4 Attack, -3 Defense, -3 Strength

Dragon Bitter
Cooking Level Required: 39
Needed to Brew: 4 Krandorian Hops
Effects: +4 Strength, -6 Attack

Moonlight Mead
Cooking Level Required: 44
Needed to Brew: 4 Bittercap Mushrooms
Effects: Heals 4 hp

Axeman's Folley
Cooking Level Required: 49
Needed to Brew: 1 Oak Root
Effects: +1 Woodcutting, -3 Attack, -3 Strength

Chef's Delight
Cooking Level Required: 54
Needed to Brew: 4 Chocolate Dust
Effects: Cooking bonus based on your Cooking level, -3 Attack, -3 Strength

Slayer's Respite
Cooking Level Required: 59
Needed to Brew: 4 Wildblood Hops
Effects: +1 Slayer, -3 Attack, -3 Strength

Therefore, As you can see, there are many different beers in Runescape, and this is not including Gnome Drinks, Quest Drinks, and others!

A couple more include Brandy, Gin, Vodka, Whiskey, and Grog. When Jagex introduced player brewable drinks, I would have never guessed it would have become this wide of a topic. The downside to brewing your own beers is that it does take a long time for them to be ready. Often it can take up to 24 hours. Therefore, if you are not a patient person, brewing beers is not for you. Happy Playing!

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