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Runescape Combat Triangle

July 16th, 2008 by admin

The Runescape Combat Triangle is an in-depth yet simple battle method to ensure success in the wilderness, most likely. Basically, it's a Rock Paper Scissors situation. Although there are many other factors, this is what the Runescape Combat Triangle is based on. Let me break it down for you.

» Meelee beats Range.
» Range beats Mage.
» Mage beats Meelee.

Simple enough? Let's see why this rule applies.

Meelee vs. Range:
If you're out there using Meelee, and you come across a Ranger, your plate armor is going to reflect a lot of the Ranger's arrows and cause little to no damage to you. Then you can advance on the Ranger and slash through the weak leather. Once your close enough to hit them, they are practically powerless because their arrows do even less damage.

Range vs. Mage:
Ok, you're a Ranger this time. You happen to spot a mage, and you send a flow of arrows their way. The Magic Robes they wear lowers their long-range defenses. Thus, the arrows just fly right into them. Your leather protects greatly against the magic attacks. Also, a Mage takes quite awhile to recharge and fire again, while a ranger is quick on the battle field.

Mage vs. Meelee:
Alright, Mage you are. You're out strolling around with a pocket full of runes, Then... What's that? Some guy with Rune on! You start casting some spells, which his heavy armor will make the magic attack stronger. You keep your distance, as he tries to get close enough for an attack his armor slows him down. All the while your firing huge magic attacks on him.

Now that you have a basic idea of how the Runescape Combat Triangle works, lets talk about how you can change the rules for a better advantage.

Meelee vs. Range Turn out 2:
Say the Ranger has Full Green Dragonhide, Great stats, about 25 magic. As your trying to get closer to him, he keeps using Bind on you. This is holding you a good distance away from him, and all the while, you're just getting pounded over and over by his arrows. In this situation, the Ranger can win. If you eventually get close to the ranger, he can simply bind you again, and switch to a shortbow, or just run a little further away.

Range vs. Mage Turn out 2:
This time, the mage was prepared for a surprise attack from a ranger, and brought along some plate legs and a shield. Regardless of the magical drain it gives, the mage is able to block a lot of your attacks, and send waves of magic at you. This battle could go on for awhile, but most likely the mage would win.

Meelee vs. Mage Turn out 2:
This time the guy with rune on decided to bring a set of Dragonhide just in case. He slips it on real fast, along with an Anti-Dragon Breath Shield. Your magic is doing little to no damage now. He runs up and begins slashing through those weak mage robes. Slash after slash your health bar goes down, you try to teleport, but you're too deep in the wilderness! You try to run, but after five steps you fall.

So there you have it. Obviously, this is Runescape, and as such, anything is possible. The Runescape Combat Triangle is not always a fact. No matter how many people say it is, it is not. There are so many opinions out there to do things. Especially about Player Killing.

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  1. Josephkf1

    Yay got first post! Yeah this triangle realy does help when at fist of guthix, bounty hunter and even combat arena. So thanks for adding it! ^_^ P.S. GO THE TIGERS!!!

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