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Runescape Fast Leveling Guide

May 16th, 2008 by admin

Are your levels coming way to slow? Do you long for a Runescape Fast Leveling Guide to help you level up with ease? Then you have come to the right place! There are many ways of leveling out there. Some obviously take longer than others. I will name some that I have heard of or tried, but of course, I cannot name them all as there are way too many. Feel free to comment below and add some of your favorite fast leveling techniques.

» Mining - You can always "power mine" a lot of iron with a rune pick axe in places where there are a lot of rocks, to I'm told the level of 90, and then use coal. Of course, level 90 seems like a long way to go on iron, so perhaps there is a better ore. However, Iron is fast and gives some good exp for the time it takes to mine it. Usually faster beats out more exp. Because in the time it takes you to mine one rock, you could have mined about 10 of another.

» Fishing - I have heard that fly-fishing at Barbarian village is a good way, along with Shilo Village. I personally fish at Catherby. I fish at the shore, run to the house next to the bank and cook (or burn) the fish and then bank them both. This way, instead of dropping thousands of fish one at a time, I can do it in one easy step with a note.

» Cooking - My way is above, but I have also heard to get 60 by cooking the best items you can and then buy raw lobby's to cook your way to 99.

» Firemaking - I have heard from a lot of people just to burn the best log you can. They also tell me to burn near a bank. Though I'm not sure why, unless they mean for you to be able to run in and grab another inventory full. Other than that, I can't see another reason for burning by a bank. Maybe it's some sort of fire maker's code.

Runescape Fast Leveling

» Woodcutting - When I'm woodcutting, I just power cut the best tree I can. However, one person told me to cut normals to level 30, then oaks, and then willows in Draynor Village until 99. They also told me do not cut yews until level 90 or over. (I have not tested this method and I doubt I ever will. My method is working for me, so why change it?)

» Crafting - I don't usually craft that often. However, I am told that if you buy tanned or normal cowhides and then make the best leather item you can, you can get to level 99 easy. I have also heard to buy silver bars and make tiaras.

Runescape Fast Leveling 2

» Rune Crafting " I've been told to go to a company to do this, Though I'm not sure what this means, they said on world 16 pay "runners" 2k plus the rune essence each trip.

Runescape Fast Leveling 3

» Combat (melee) - Ok there are way too many ways to name here, so let me share two. One is Pest Control, one of my favorite ways. Alternatively, if you are level 60 or up, flesh crawlers on the second floor of the security dungeon. I guess they meant the Stronghold of Security.

» Range - This is not a strong point with me, but I have been told to get 50 range and then camp at moss giants on Crandor until level 70 and then kill Lesser Demons for level 99.

» Prayer - If you're a Non-member, Big bones or burnt bones are the way to go. Members find a gilden altar and bury dragon bones.

Runescape Fast Leveling 4

» Magic - If you have not already, Read How to Level your Magic Fast, it is a very good way to level your magic fast.

There you have it. I have named some of the most wanted skills here. As I said above, if you have something to add to this feel free to do so! Now get out there and start leveling!

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12 Responses

  1. Anna[99 Craft]

    Hi all. I’m here just to say that burnt bones are mostly[Where I know] are in the “Lesser Demons” in the wildness. I have been in the deep wildness and unlocked many musics there for a emote… Anyway, Ways to make tiaras is silver and maybe gold[members gold], Gold is about smithing from a level 50. You can make a gold helment or a gold bowl if you have the level 50 and as we all know it’s a members. Iron is another thing for non-members, 50% chance of success. Steel: Two coal and one iron ore, You have to have a smithing level of 30. I hope this helps a little. I’ll try to tell “Crafting” later! ~Anna.

  2. Kambo

    Umm a have a q where do u get power cutting at? give me the link

  3. im not tellin u

    hey kambo i will help u ok =] ?first off 1-60 i would just stay near draynor since they have a few oaks near the bank and jail and willows near bank too but th willows r crowded so u might wanna go to rimmington just south of falladore. then u can go search ur mini map for yew trees they r the only tree icon or just go to varrock but i prefer to search for yew cuz i think varrock is way too crowded at the yews. c ya!

  4. Miguel

    Hey guyz!!!
    i was just wondering if anybody could help me with my slight farming problem.
    i have a very low farm lvl (10 lol) and i wanted to no what the fastest way to lvl 50 would be. any suggestions

  5. Joker

    Miguel, head to port sarim, then go north through the patch of cabbages. Farm there in the begining, then start a patch in Catherby, If you have the quest done I sugest using the tunnel and have patches in Catherby and behind the Cabbage Patch.

  6. Melly.

    Hello, I am here to wonder how to get my magic all the way to level 99? Can you help me with that please? I have always loved magic, mostly a melee lover but then I changed. Sents I’ve always loved magic before I found out Syrnia and Runescape, I always loved it before, I tried out melee and liked it alot, But that wasn’t the right way, I became a mage, instead of a warrior. So can anyone help me get my magic level up to 99? Thanks!

  7. MysteryMan

    Ello. Ok Melly, well what is your mag level first of all and also train on barbarians until level 20 o 25 and then train on the varrock guards untill level 35. I do have a level 29 magic but im no amatuer. And also try to research it on the internet any help? Well anyways,cya bya!

  8. ratub

    i have 55 mage most least expensive way is fist of guthix (fog)

  9. Maggie

    First of all, Melly.. You told me that you have level 38 magic, well.. You should train at the Fist of Guthix; and you should have many levels up. So far, you want runes, and staffs of what nation you like best. Also it’s good to have a robe or extra staffs for your mage. It’s easy to get, but the blue robes for wizards might be tricky. There is a brown outfit, but thats for Monks/Prayers.
    Hope this works out for you!


  10. MysteryMan

    Hey! Me again. Train on expirements if you are a member and research online on how to get there because if I explain it, it will take a while. so anyways, train on them because they give out 400 exp each.(About that number because that’s what it says)Go to that circus thing if you are a member because I think thats is for members only too and it gives you very good range, agility or in your case, magic experience. Or you can train on like whatever. And go on to Runescape Calcultor on Zybez and put it on the magic calculator and press hide members options and then when you calculate it, it will tell you how much whatever like the spells experience it gives out. Any help Melly? Well anyways, please reply.

    And just to confirm, the circus thing is for members only and you can only train on those three things. Range, Mgility, and Magic.

  11. Chris Lemay

    Hi everyone too let you know i have been playing runescape2 for seven years now my account was one of the one’s with 9 hitpoint start i currently have 14 99′s also known as
    Skill 99=

    Yes after seven years of playing i only have 12 don’t play much now because of the new updates i think in my opinion they’ar garbage. but just play the game too get 99s don’t waste money buying the supplies manual labor in a game can go a long way.

  12. Mystery Man

    The woodcutting advice works amazing all you do is you cut normal logs till woodcutting level 30. Then you cut oaks till woodcutting level 41-50. After that you cut willows ( with rune axe ) till woodcutting level 61-70. And so on……………… ( This really works well but you don’t have to use it though if you don’t want to )

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