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Runescape Gold Guide - 3

June 3rd, 2007 by admin

The Ultimate Runescape Gold Guide - Part Three

Map to find a location that’s near the bank for efficient depositing, and has a good amount of coal rocks, along with a few people there). It’s always difficult mining the right mining spot, I’ve even resorted to using the Lumbridge swamp mines which is no where near the bank (closest bank being in Edgeville). I had to resort to mining a full set of coal, and then teleporting to Edgeville bank in order to deposit. Then running back to the mining area, mining, and then repeating the process. Now there are obviously big disadvantages with doing this, one, you’ll need a high magic level in order to teleport, two, you’ll need the runes to teleport, and normally these cost quite a bit, and three, you’ll have to carry the runes in your inventory, thus taking up space where you could have put some coal.

If your level 60, then you should obviously be mining coal in the Miners’ Guild. This is an awesome place, packed full of coal rocks, and a few mithril rocks too. Seriously, it’s one of the best places for coal, and I’m not just saying that. The closest bank is VERY close (Falador east bank), and it takes a very short time for you to mine a full set of coal, and then deposit it. You can definitely mine a good supply of coal like this, whilst all the other options for mining coal take a lot of patience and endurance, this one takes very little.

One last major way of making a lot of GP, and then we’ll move onto the lesser ways of making some pocket money -:) . Right, now we’re going to explore the world of fishing. Fishing, unlike common belief, is a very, very good way of making a lot of money. Fishing and cooking lobsters is a way some people make money (if your a member and can access the Fishing Guild, then this is made for you). If your member, then you’re in luck. If your a high fishing level, then you get the chance to fish Sharks (best place would probably be Catherby, the good ol’ fishing city). Sharks are one of the best foods available in Runescape, and are worth around about 1,000GP each when cooked. These are very valuable to fighters with high-combat levels, as they tend to fight strong...
(Continued in Part Four)

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