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Runescape Gold Guide - 4

June 4th, 2007 by admin

The Ultimate Runescape Gold Guide - Part Four

...monsters who can deal quite a bit of damage (not just the 1 hit and occasional 2 hits you can take off a goblin). These fighters need quick HP boosts, and so Sharks are just the answers.

Sharks are hard to fish, but just think about it. If you spend your time, trying to fish and cook 1,000 sharks, but the end of it, you’ll have sharks equivalent to 1,000,000GP (1 mill). Good, yes?

Ok, so maybe it’ll take you too long to get to that kinda level. Alright, alright, let me explain to you a few easier ways of making your money in Runescape.

Right, now that you’ve had the major ways of making GP, there are also ways for people who are relatively inexperienced, and don’t have high levels in any major skill. If this is the case, then I suggest resorting to selling food. “Selling food?!” you say? Yes. Have you ever been to the Wilderness? Have you seen all the hungry, dying people? Thought you’d say yes. Well, they all need food for fightin’, so it would be wise of you to supply that demand for food now wouldn’t it?

The reason why I say you don’t need much level for this is because there are people who are just about any level fighting in the Wilderness. So, no matter if you’ve just got cooked meat, or lobsters, you’ll still be able to sell it off if the price is right. Remember, that because you’re providing food just a step outside of the Wilderness, you can charge inflated prices, but don’t go too far with your prices, people can just go to to Varrock east bank and buy some lobsters from local lobster sellers down there.

When I say inflated prices, I mean you can get away with charging more than double what it’s worth. For example, if I were to fish and cook a load of lobsters, they would usually in any other place be worth around 150-200GP each, but the fact that your outside the Wilderness means you can charge more, so you could get away with charging 300-400GP each if they’re desperate.

I suggest you find a food that isn’t too hard to cook, and replenishes a good amount of HP. Normally, a type of fish is good for this, but if you can’t be bothered to get your fishing level up, then stick with something simple, meat stew maybe?
(Continued in Part Five)

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