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Runescape Gold Guide - 6

June 11th, 2007 by admin

The Ultimate Runescape Gold Guide - Part Six

Fletching is a skill that puts logs to good use. It allows you to both make arrows and bows, both items unique to those who wish to excel in the Range skill. Making bows is actually one of easiest ways of level up the skill, as making full arrows requires you to take multiple steps and gather multiple resources (although, in cases, it is worth doing).

If you’re a member, grab a knife (which can be bought from any general store or found at the 1st floor of the Varrock general store), a hatchet (also known as an axe) and take it to any populated forest (I’m talking about populated with trees, not people!). Then, just mindlessly walk round cutting down trees, and using the knife on them to make arrow shafts. Once you hit the required level, start cutting short bows, and then long bows.

Once you can cut yew bows, it’s also a good idea to string them as well, as half the experience per full bow is gained through cutting its shape, and half the experience is gained through stringing it. To string a bow, you’ll need to sheer sheep (or wherever they are) for wool, and then use that wool on a spinning wheel to make balls of string. Use these balls of string with the unstrung yew bows, and there you have it, a complete, strung bow.

Some also go a stage further, and use magic in order to make money from yew bows. “Magic, to make money?” I hear you say. Yes. Magic to make money; it’s called High-Level Alchemy. Grab yourself the appropriate staff, nature runes, and whatever else you’ll need, and start using high-level alchemy on those yew bows and watch ‘em convert to gold before your very eyes. The major reason people do this is not really to make money, as nature runes cost about as much as the yew bows convert for, it’s actually to gain magic experience, so whether or not you want to take it this step further is up to you.

That’s it. I’ve taught you most of the ways people make serious money. Remember, at the end of the day, Runescape is only a game, so enjoy it too.

Play safe! -:)

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