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Runescape Leveling Guide

December 4th, 2008 by admin

Hello! There are many methods on leveling up. Some people try to sell these methods for real money. I would not advise buying these books because most of them just contain the same old reused information. I am going to list some good leveling methods. Just think of it as your own personal Runescape Leveling Guide. Enjoy.

Let's start with one of my Favorite skills, cooking!

I prefer to fish lobsters at Catherby and cook them, then bank them at the near by bank. But, if you are not interested in fishing, I suggest getting level 60 cooking by cooking anything you can get your hands on, then buy as many lobsters as it takes to get to level 99. Of course this takes money, and if you are short on cash then you will want to fish your own.

Runescape Leveling Guide

Runescape Fishing Leveling Guide

While we are on the topic, let me tell you about fishing. As I told you, I prefer fishing at
Catherby, You can easily fish at the shore, than when you get a full inventory go bank them.
If you are looking to make money, do not cook the fish. However, if you want to level both the fishing AND the cooking, there is a house right next to the bank where you can cook them. I suggest keeping at least 2 banks slots open, one for cooked and one for burnt. Then when you are done fishing you can just withdraw the burnt fish as a note and you wont have to mess with dropping each one individually.

Mining Leveling

The fastest way to level up your mining is with Iron. It is fast and it gives good experience. The faster the better in the world of leveling. This is true because if you can mine, say, 20 of one rock, while it takes you the same amount of time to mine another. So less experience points and less mining time is better than more mining time and more experience.

Runescape Leveling Guide 2


People tell me to power cut Normal Trees until you reach level 30, then you cut Oak Trees. After you can cut Willow Trees, start cutting. The best place to cut Willow Trees is in Draynor Village. You can cut those until level 99.


I am not a crafter, it is a boring skill in my opinion, but I have heard to buy normal or tanned
Cowhides and then make them into the best leather you can. Many people tell me that making Tiaras is a good way as well.

Runescape Leveling Guide 3

Hunting Leveling

I love to hunt in Runescape. It is a very fun skill and I spent a week out in the wild leveling up in it. I enjoyed it very much, I have not heard too much on how to level up your hunting fast,
but I will tell you a good method I have invented.

From level 1 to 7, hunt Polar Kebbits. From 7 to 13, hunt Deldip Weasels. After you have reached level 13, start hunting Desert Devils. Hunt on them until you reach level 23. Then start hunting Wild Kebbits. When you hit level 33, start hunting the Barbtailed Kebbit. Hunt on those until you reach level 49.

When you reach level 49, start hunting the Razorbacked Kebbit. Hunt on those until you reach level 66. Then start hunting the Pawya. Hunt the Pawya until you get to the level 77. Then hunt the Grenwall until you are level 99!

Runescape Leveling Guide 4

How to Increase Your Runescape Combat Level

Saving the best for last - If you want to level up your combat fast, I suggest going into the Stronghold of Security. You can gain some major levels down there. Especially if you fight Goblins. They are fast to kill and give a fair amount of experience points. Remember, faster is better in the world of leveling! This methods are best ways to increase your levels.

Well, I hope I helped you, at least a little bit, haha! Happy Playing!

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