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April 26th, 2008 by admin

The world of Runescape is a very huge place. Maps of this huge world can help us get around. Some maps are player made to help find where to go in certain scenarios such as quests. In the top right corner of Runescape, you will find a thing called a mini map. This shows a little of what's around you at the moment. If you want a full sized map of Runescape, you could click on the World Map button and get a very detailed map with a search bar. Let's take a look at the World Map.

Runescape Maps

I'm sure all of this could be a bit confusing so I will explain a bit of it. Let's start with the search bar. Up in the top left corner there is a button that says - Find. When you click it, it pops up a bar that says Enter place name to find. As you type letters, it gives you choices to go to. If you type A, you will get Al Kharid, B is Brimhaven, C is Crandor and so on. The more letters you type, the closer you will get to the place you are searching for.

Runescape Maps 2

On to the Map Key. If you are familiar with map keys, they show what's on the map. Such as mountains, roads, rivers, and so on. In Runescape, the map key means a bit of the same, but instead of roads, streams, and mountains you get Altars, shield shops, archery shops, Furnaces, Mining sites, General Stores and so forth. When you click on, it flashes where they are all over the map. If I were to click Altar, it would show me every place there is an altar located.

Runescape Maps 3

You can also have zoom features. From 37% to 50%, to 75% and 100%. You can also click Overview and see the complete world in one. When you do this, you will see some black areas. This means that this area has not been explored, but in true life it means that they have not put anything there.

Runescape Maps 4

Maps can be very helpful if you're lost, or just need to know where to go next. The world map of Runescape can be very helpful, and there are many features to it to help players on their journeys. If you were to need to find the dark wizards tower from Lumbridge swamps and you had no idea where in the world it was, you could simply open up the world map and type in Dark Wizards' Tower, Hit enter and off you will fly to it. It can be very helpful in times like these.

When you're zoomed at 37% and you look upon East Ardougne, you might get a headache from all of the words. Nevertheless, when you zoom 100% you can see more details of the roads and places in East Ardougne. Such as where the banks are and how to get to the zoo. Who knows, you might find something to go search for on the map that you have never seen before. It's always fun to get lost in Runescape and try to find your way back. Maps can help you find your way back easily.

Therefore, as you can see, Runescape Maps can be really useful if you put them to use. Weather you use them for quests, getting lost, or just to look at how big Runescape really is; Runescape Maps always are impressive. Have fun exploring all the world of Runescape by using all the maps and features. You may find many things that you never knew existed.

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