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Runescape Merchanting Guide

May 15th, 2007 by admin

Runescape is a game of endless possibilities. Seriously, when I say that I mean it. It's a bit like the American-dream, you can instantly make money from the word go. Obviously, there's a catch to be able to make loads of GP in Runescape, you'll need a bit of money to invest.

If your totally new to Runescape, then it's best that you start with one particular skill, and exploit it to make money. To give you an idea of what I mean, take mining for example. Mining is a good way for any character to make some GP all you need is your trusty pickaxe, and a nice mining spot near the bank. Mining is a good way skill to really concentrate on, as it is one of the skills that could potentially make you a lot of money (especially with ores such as coal and onwards).

Now, onto merchanting. Merchanting is basically buying and selling items your profit being the different between the amount you bought something for and the amount your selling it at. You'll need an initial investment before you can really start making good money with merchanting, so I suggest you go out and mine until you make around 200,000GP (200k) before you begin thinking of making a lot of money. Having larger amounts to invest in merchanting is always a better thing, but 200k+ will do.

Right, now onto the nitty gritty stuff, one really effective way I made millions on Runescape was to buy and sell Runite (Rune) armour. Rune armour was previously only worn by the strongest of player, but now that the game is developed and has been around for quite a while, nearly every Tom, Dick and Harry has the capabilities to wear it. That's what makes it good armour to deal in - it's very popular.

If your a free player, log onto World 1 (if members, try World 2 maybe) and go to the West bank in Varrock, you'll notice that there are thousands of players in and around the bank the prime place for you to buy and sell your goods. What your aim is, is to buy separate pieces of Rune armour, and then once you have a full set, sell it, and make a profit on it. For example, I may buy a Rune Full Helmet off one person for 20,000 GP (20k), a Plate Body off someone else for 55,000GP (55k), a pair of Rune Legs for 22,000 GP (22k) off another person, and last but not least a Rune Kite Shield for around 45,000 GP (45k). All these items total to 142,000 GP (142k). Now, you might think that you've just wasted a lot of money on this armour but trust me, if your a savvy business man, you'll be able to make some nice profit on it. Next, what you should do is to try and sell the whole set of armour for 200,000 GP (200k) all together.

Normally, people pay more for whole sets of armour, and that's why it's pretty easy for you to sell it at that price. If it doesn't sell, lower your price a little. Once that set of armour sells, then you'll have made around 50,000 GP off that one set, then you go off, buy all the separate pieces of the set again, and repeat the process.

This is actually a very efficient and quick way of merchanting to make money when you have a bit of money to invest. Give it a go, it's well worth it.

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19 Responses

  1. Ashdude2k

    that sucks as a merchanting technique, a good merchant would make 150-250k per successful trade not roudn 55k

  2. lolathon

    To Ashdude2k: That’s not that bad of a profit margin for someone who has around 200k gp to invest. Although it is true that a merchant with several million gp can make more profit per trade because he can buy more items at once, you should keep in mind that everyone has to start somewhere, and 55k in profits is nothing to scoff at for a player who is just starting.

  3. mini mack 7

    I have about 3.4 mil to invest.
    what do you reccomend?

  4. Brock

    I have 2mill gp to merchant on f2p how do you recommend i spend it?

  5. lol goofy

    retard i think lolathon is right cause a lv 3 miner could get 200k and make 50k profit omg thats like…… good for a lv 3

  6. Quinn

    lol not if the lvl 3 is pure mining loser with a lvl 126 main called ‘mined ur dad’ or somthin with lvl 35 mining….

  7. Quinn

    also the fact that merchanting lobs is only a 55k profit thats still good for ppl who have 100k… i got 474 lobs for 100k and sold for them for 200g ea and sell for 250ea

  8. Humeami

    Buy guthix, sara or zammy full when you got 1-2 mill. Buy it at peak time and you’re be able to make like 200k profit. When you got more mills go on to rares of coursexD

  9. hmm

    Buy half of keys for 15-20k and put them bot togeather and then go to seers and use on the chest there.

  10. D. Force

    I’m a member, and I like to get my money from hand-crafting nature runes and superheating mith.

  11. mailboy1391

    selling charcoal 500k ^^ i have charcoal on rs!!!! some guy told me charcoal was used to make unlimited rune items ^^ that guy was a loser =D it was funny ^^ anyhow anyone wanna buy my charcoal for 500k? ^^

  12. the merchanter

    This is how you make money. Buy all the rune t parts separate. It comes out to about 650-700k. Then sell it 850k-900k. so you can get almost 300k profit.

  13. im not tellin u

    ummm hey guys dont u hav that little thing saying that u can only profit like 3000 gp per trade?or is that just me(btw i know it isnt just me =[)how do u make 3000000 gp per trade if u only get like 3000 max?

  14. devil hunt45

    If you have around 2 Mil.+ the best thing to do is get some buddies and buy about 9 or 10 whips together so the price is made to go up, then when the price is up, sell the whips for some good profit. Its all about supply and demand. the less supply the more the demand and the higher the price. i went from 7 mil to 18 mil in around an hour merching whips… good luck, and happy playing.

  15. o8er

    u need money well follo this u make 100k quik ok first buy 400 clay and get 6 bukets go 2 any fountain close 2 bank use buket 2 fountain buket 2 clay and u make soft clay if u follo these instructions u will make money i made a 20k plus profit wen i made wen i made 400 soft clay u do this and your profit will keep getting bigger and make 100k very quik i have 3 mil from doing this

  16. Jamie

    Ok, i first started merching lobsters…. this was about 1 year ago…, you may have noticed that its not a good idea to merchant these anymore as in PVP (player vs player) many of people have cakes…. i know this because they are dropped everywere…. but these arent to great to sell at highest or to buy at lowest….

    be best to make them, but just takes to long and to much hard work…. in worlds one and two i have heard that you can buy iron cheap, and sell for a good profit on other worlds…

    also if your P2P (pay to play) you can buy as many battle staffs from the varrock staff store and sell in g.e, this can get you good profit, ok….. Dragon boots (P2P)… these are at a high price of 450k, dragon boots are always goin up and down in trade… ok before jumping into buy them right now.. i wouldnt because i think there at there highest… wait till they go back down to there original price around 250k-300k, wait a while for a price boost and sell for 450k thats a wopping 150k-200k profit!
    if that doesnt work also remember that you can sell them to other players and get your money back….
    i have noticed in minigame worlds and PVP worlds people are always asking for varrock teleport tabs, or the correct runes for the spell, tele tabs are priced at 900gp odd in g.e and are easy to get…. go to castle wars or somewhere… and say “sell varrock tele, 2k!) you should get a buyer quick remember to take more than one, i think there stackable! also high levels are very effective for money making… if your not lazy, mining is a great way to make money, also smithing would be helpful…

    get 85 mining and mine rune and furnace into rune bars (you need 1 runite ore and 8 coal ore for 1 runite bar) then with well 91-99 smithing make rune platebodys… and sell for 50k, i think thats to boring to get them levels, woodcutting, a very effective money making method get your wood cutting to 75 cut magic logs at seers village or at tree gnome village (correct me if im wrong)
    and sell for 1k each 28k invent!, and both places with banks near by! also do this with yews (level 60 woodcut) cut yews near soul wars.. e.g edgeville, hunting! this takes a while but 50k an invent you only need level 1! yay, ok go to the polar north of rock crabs… buy camelot tele’s as many as you want.. these are so you can tele to the bank and go back and forth easier..

    and buy a noose wand for watching kebit… when you catch a kebbit take its fur and drop everything else.. the fur is 1.7k each (1700gp) tele to camelot and bank.

    archey tree’s, not quite sure where they are, i think in feldip hills, cut a full invent and take to bank (use ring of dueling and go to castle wars) there’s a bank there…

    this is about 200k an hour approximotly…. 1M an hour!
    when cutting these tree’s pay close attention, just as this makes it quicker (which i forgot to say was a level 1 tree) Dragon hides, since the there are revanents this is dangorous…

    this is only in the wildy thoe..
    so green dragon hides sell 2k i think, use games necklace and tele to wilderness volcano when full inventory (whats good about this is that the green dragons are only level 73
    also the red dragons in red dragon isles.. level 130 odd
    black dragons level 200 odd
    blue dragons level 121
    and others such as high level steel dragons, mithril dragons
    all of these drop hide worth around 2k-5k appart from steel and other metal dragons, but these drop good items!
    (sorry i didnt know the exact level of the dragons)
    for level 3s i would suggest mining, woodcutting, and how i used to make around 30k cowhides and wool…

    for levels 50 up or levels 20′s with a high range i would say bount worlds… dangourous but very good money, just keep killing picking up items and before you know it you have a lot of items and a target!
    targets can drop up to 5M, when i had a target my mate… haha i killed him he had nothing on him but dropped saradomin statuette and bandos icon, both of which i sold to mandrith, for a good 450k form the both.

    i also got some runes, rune platebody and arrows..
    if your think this guy must be rich i have 500M! which im very proud of..
    note im not giving any away, as i worked for 3 years getting…
    one last money making method… clue scrolls, they can give up to 65M with level 3 clues (3rd age, which ive got once) there are levels 1-3 clues, search on sals realms for the droppers, thank you for your time reading this very long but effective guide!

  17. Merchy

    This is old. I had about 900k, and I invested into Rune Gold Helm (full) 700k and sold for 760k. I purely think the main idea of a merch guy is to buy for add. 20-30k above min price, and sell 20-30k below max price. People are greedy and they will do everything just to save some 20k, which makes me get around 420k per two weeks only buying one rune full helm (g).

    Imagine buying more. Merching is best business, especially while training other skills, like combat, or even making addditional money through looting cockroaches, mining, fishing etc.

  18. freaker

    Ok guys… im f2p and i make round 1,5m per day… i do it by 2 ways… in the morning i buy all saradomin armor peaces for norm price and in the evening i sell it as set for highest price.. and while i wait for the stuff i chop yews.. 1.5k per day.. thats how i make money :P

  19. nord

    invested 90m into dragon arrows a few months ago, just sold them for over 200m today, not a bad turnout

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