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August 1st, 2008 by admin

Aaah! Monsters! Make that Runescape Monsters. Yes, these crazy NPCs whose levels range anywhere from level 1 to level 702, and everywhere in-between. Not to mentions, that Jagex is always making new ones! So what are they good for? They can be useful in many ways. The most popular use is training. Players will sharpen their swords, charge up their staffs, and tighten up their bow strings to go out and slaughter tons of Runescape Monsters a day.

When the Monsters die, they will sometimes drop items. These items will become better and better according to the level of the monster that died. Greater Demons, level 92, have brilliant drops on rare occasions. They are known to drop items such as, a Rune Scimitar, Rune spear, Dragon Spear, Clue scroll level 3, and a lot of others. Of course, some of these items are Members Only. (Pay to Play.)

Runescape Monsters

The Iron Dragon, level 189, will have a lot better drops, such as Dragon Platelegs, Dragon Med Helm, Dragon Plateskirt, and so on. Note: As with all dragons, you will want to wear an Anti-dragon fire shield. The best way to kill it is using Magic.

Runescape Monsters 2

There are hundreds of different Runescape Monsters. The monsters are sometimes used in Quests. You will have to kill them, find them, talk to them, the possibilities are endless. Sometimes Jagex will use the Monsters in different holiday celebrations. For instance, on Easter, there are usually a lot of rabbits hopping about.

To be able to kill certain types of Runescape Monsters you will have to use your Slayer skill. This will give you access to all the different Monsters in Runescape, and at the same time it will give you loads of experience. If you have level 85 Slayer, you will have access to the Abyssal Demon. This beast can drop Abyssal Whips, which are worth 1.5 million gold in the market. (Note: do not under any circumstances sell an Abyssal whip to a store or alch it. You will only get 48,000 gold for low alch or general store, and 72,000 gold for a high alch or specialty store.) Therefore, as you can see, the Slayer skill can really pay off if you train it up.

There is a really fun place to train if you are a member. It is called Pest Control. It is a Minigame that is filled with Runescape Monsters. You can train there without having to worry about dieing and loosing all your good items. When you kill a monster, you get some points, when you have enough you will go into the "green" which means you will get some tickets. The more points you have the more tickets you get. You can use these tickets to buy things from the shop. This minigame can be found at the Void Knight's Outpost. You can get there by taking a boat that is docked at the Port Sarim docks.

Runescape Monsters 3

Runescape Monsters are all over Runescape. From the very bottom of the Kharidian Desert, to the very top of Miscellania, and over to the Feldip Hills. Runescape Monsters are everywhere! So the next time you happen upon a rock, look again, it might be a Rock Crab, or if you think you saw that Gargoyle move, it probably did, Haha! Happy Playing.

Runescape Monsters 4

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