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Runescape non-member Pking Guide

September 28th, 2007 by admin

Pking, or player killing, is one of the most favorite pastimes in Runescape history. The deeper you go the harder it is to survive. Jagex, they creators of Runescape, created new items and armor to ensure the combat triangle to stay alive. Unfortunately, they did not count on people making hybrids to combat and destroy the combat triangle. Here is the most recent guide to defeating all and save money in the wild.

Ranger pures: Ranger pures enjoy their speed and mild damage in any battle. Also they have d-hide armor that protects them from mages in combat. Standard inventory for rangers include 24 food varieties and 3 teleport runes. They should have an empty space to pick up fallen arrows. Their armor should be d-hide chaps and vambraces. Their weapon of choice is definitely the bow. Arrows depend on the type of bow their using.

Ranger def: Ranger def are very good against def warriors and pures. They don't do much damage considering how much a normal ranger should but they make up for that by using rune chains. Standard armor for def rangers should include either full d-hide or rune chain in place of d-hide for those who have not completed dragon slayer. They should wear rune full helm and amulet of accuracy. Their bow and arrow should depend on their range level though I recommend not becoming a ranger def until level 60 range.

Ranger mage: These rangers have the ability to take down warriors really well. They use range to annoy the enemy and take their health down to around 16 then mage them for an automatic hit. Defeating ranger mages take pures or def rangers because their d-hide can block them. Standard and recommended armor includes death runes, air staff to trick opponent into taking off armor, power amulet, and d-hide chaps. Bow and arrow once again depend on the pkers level in range.

Ranger warrior: These are probably the most effective fighters on a non-member world. Their range is used to maintain a good speed and the 2-hand combo works well with ranger warriors. It is recommended to have 70+ strength and 60+ ranges before attempting this for the best performance. The bow should always be a short bow for maximum speed. Standard equipment is rune 2-hands, full d-hide, power amulet, bow and arrow, and rune full helm.

Warrior def: These warriors are very pesky to other pkers because of their defense. Fortunately for mages, they don't hit high and def does not matter to mages because they usually hit them anyways. Standard armor includes full rune and rune chain in place of rune plate body in case they did not do dragon slayer quest. Rune scimitars are the most common weapons for them but long swords have better chances of hitting the opponent. Some def noobs bring rune 2-hands to do the combo. Amulet of strength, defense, or power is recommended. I recommend adamant armor because its very cheap compared to rune and still does a lot of def. Mages also can't very well against adamant compared to rune even though they still hit them. It is recommended to also bring range armor like leather body so they can get defense against mage.

Warrior pures: this is considered the most effective and cheap pker at level 40-60. They can do immense damage to any type of pker except for def rangers and warriors. Also they should have 25 pray or more to keep their weapon in case of death. If you see a warrior pure, you really should not challenge him or her because they will waste your food and even if you were to win, they would keep their weapon. Recommended armor include mage robes, priest gowns, shade robes, or monk robes. They should also carry an iron kite as a shield for some def. You never really know when some def will come in handy.

Warrior mages: Warrior mages are very ineffective because their armor takes off mage attacks. NEVER BE A WARRIOR MAGE! IT IS A WASTE OF TIME, RUNES, AND ARMOR. YOU WILL LOSE ANY FIGHT AS A WARRIOR MAGE! BE WARNED.

Mages def: These guys will lose most fights because def waste their leveling and makes them vulnerable to stronger fighters. Never be one of these guys either.

Mages pure: These guys work well as a non-member until the level of 35. After a while, pures can defeat them. They can still defeat Def noobs until level 60+ Mages do work well in clans because they can bind. Mages are considered the most expensive and every 100-death rune used or 200 chaos runes used must be used with extreme caution. You don't want to waste money.
Thank you and good luck in the wilderness.

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  1. mailboy1391

    woohoo its done at last :) thank you all for checking out my latest guide. im making a training guide soon :)

  2. bluesnake71

    I already knew that stuff. Can you make a guide on how to get to that level. Those are some good tips for starters but I’ve been playing runescape for a year now and that is kind of old info. But if I was a newb, I would have found that really useful. It gives you some ideas about who to attack, and the idea that looks can be decieving. This is for everyone: Be careful who you attack, they may not be who they seem to be.

  3. Robby

    Thanks this helps me alot, I pk every day and a couple times i thought mage with defence was the best you could do. However I find what you say is true, I’ve lost every battle ive done using my shield. I have 60 mage so it really doesnt help me if i lower it with a shield, thanks for letting me know this =)

  4. mailboy1391

    for mages, anti dragon sheild is the best =D mages are meant to be for offense not defense. thats for non members =D members will pwn as mages because u usually get hit by attks no matter wat armor u use ^^ mages have fair speed and have strong attk compared to other skills=) their only downside is cost to fite with. im a warrior cuz its cheep ^^

  5. mailboy1391

    def will lvl u up so u would be lvl 60 when u get to a good mage lvl where as a lvl 35 mage could have like 70 mage =D def mages just give warriors time to get good str and own the mage defs

  6. mailboy1391

    pking is all about strategy. a lvl 60 could take on a lvl 70 with good strategy. YOU MUST USE UR SURROUNDINGS TO UR ADVANTAGE!!! for example, a mage is fiting a pure that can hit 20s. the pure is carrying heavy armor and has little run left. Depending on ur surroundings, wat should u do if u were the mage? if u were at hillz, a good place to go is east. There is a small clutter of rocks there. make sure ur run is at a good amount and run around the rocks. mages can fire spells over the rocks while the warrior has to run around to attk. when he loses his run, ur chance will be open. keep firing those spells. when he comes after u after a spell, run around again and make sure he cannot catch u. Bind works well during a situation like this. If u were to be at castle, confuse him with the trees. IF you know u will lose, run north but not past lvl 20. he will suspect u to lure him into a trap and run away. when u are on “defense” or running away and u forgot ur tele rune, climb up and down ladders. when u think u have a secure position run across the hallway with the doorways. when u see the pereseon fiting u, bind him and fire some spells at him. this will confuse him and make him lose run. mages carry lightweight items while warriors carry heavier ones. This is a good chance to beat a warrior. Another example is for a low lvl mage to beat a high lvl warrior. attk until the warrior has low hp. then say team. when they go to put on armor, attk and finish them. then they will die ^^ see? strategy works

  7. mailboy1391

    np robby =) but pking is mainly about strategy. My friend’s clan was taken down by 3 people because they were disorganized and the team waws organized. =D i took down a clan b myself because i knew how to own tem =D i owned a guy with 88 range 0.0 he hit 16s with his pray and he owned my friend -.-

  8. Seth

    I have a story on this:

    One time i was 1 iteming since i lost my armour and i was fighting a lvl 81 (i was 84) we were both fighting eachother with malee and he ran out of food and moved into level 2 and he said “give me food and i’ll keep fighting so i tried to make him go into level 3 lke this and it didn’t work he kept making fun of me by going in and out of of level 3 and then i realized i had a bind with me. So i walked into level 6 saying “this is stupid, cya” and he being himself walked into level 3. I binded him, and killed him. I didn’t get much loot but anyway, the thing to learn from this is: binds, even if you are malee can help you

  9. Ziad

    Mage warriors rule…. just wear mage robes, with normal str stuff. meaning str ammy/pot. R2h and scim and then have fire blast runes… It works cause Str pures have 1 DEF… whats the point of wearing armour with 1 def. so the sacrifice of a lil armour for the chance for doing a 16 with mage is worth it.

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