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August 17th, 2007 by admin

Some say that the Wilderness in Runescape is dangerous; with this Wilderness Pking guide it won't only be not dangerous, but also very profitable. How is the Wilderness profitable you may ask? Its simple, if you have the skills ad the stats to be able to kill other players in the Wilderness you could become very rich very fast.

Now that you know you can make some cash from PKing your probably wondering what kind of character to use, Mage, Range, or Melee. Well in this section ill explain the pros and cons of each.

Pros: Hits hard, long range
Cons: Hits slow, cost a lot, low armor/defense

Pros: Hits fast, long range, cheap
Cons: Hits low, low armor/defense

Pros: Hits fast, hits hard, cheap, good armor/defense
Cons: Short range, loose a lot when you die

As you can see they all have there advantages and disadvantages, but to figure out witch one you PK best with you will have to try them out yourself.

Now that you have a PKer you need to know who to attack, this is actually really simple if you think about it, but just for you air heads out there ill make a little diagram.

Mage » Melee » Range

What this means is that Mage beats Melee, because their spell get stronger through the warriors armor. Melee beats Range, because the warrior's sword cuts through the ranger's leather armor, and the rangers arrows don't go through the warrior's armor. Range beats mage, because the Mages spells don't go through the ranger's leather armor very well, and the ranger's arrows go right through the mages robes.

All of the things above tell you how to kill the other player, but now ill teach you how to stay alive when someone is attack you. There are two ways to stay alive if you are under attack, one is the obvious and it is to eat food, the best food to bring if you are free to play is lobster and they cost about 200 each, they heal 12 HP in one bite. The best thing to eat if you are members is sharks, sharks are a bit more expensive at 1k each, but they are worth it because they heal 20 HP in one bite. The other way to stay alive if you are under stack is to use your prayer, while Pking prayer is extremely useful because it can give you added bonus to any combat skill including defense.

You know how to PK, what to bring, and what to kill, the only thing now is where to PK. So here is a list of all the major Pking places in the Wilderness and who PKs there.

Varrock Edge
Mostly low level teams
Edgeville Edge
All level no team
Black Knight Castle
All level teams and no teams
Hill Giants
Higher level teams
Bandit Camp
All level teams
Lava Maze
High level clans
*Agility Course
High level teams
*Mage Bank
High level teams and no teams

*Members only


  • Try to PK in a team to you won't die as much, the only bad thing about teams is a lot of times your team will back stab you and kill you.
  • Bring some potions that boost your combat stats so you can kill your enemy faster.
  • Always leave some run left so just incase you run low on food or get attack by a clan you can still escape.
  • Always be looking at your radar for white dots, its always better if you see them first.

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11 Responses

  1. patty 03

    good advice but the thing about mage beating warrior isnt all true i was in the wilderness and i 1hit killed a mage lvl 83
    using warrior

  2. zwickerly

    malee doesn’t beat pure rangers couse i always got killed by rangers

  3. snowstorm45

    i pk somtimes but it gets boring, i need a new team.

  4. mailboy1391

    i alwayts get my but kicked by rangers and im a warrior also i keep owning mages nno matter wat lvl they are and im only lvl 63 ^^

  5. bluesnake71

    if you are a warrior and a non member, you cant beat high level rangers even if you wear a full rune if you are a level 60 warrior and a level 60 ranger, do not attack cause they are probably a pure with around 70 range and they will own you. try being nice, it works a lot they pay attention to replying and you can beat them faster, try being really nice and polite. it works.

  6. typical not

    what about a pure fight that get up to 45 str and 40 att and be lvl 42 like me then get 40 range and mage and i wont lvl and were green d hide legs magers blue top and rune schmi awould that be a good combo answer back and what ammy magic or power>>>??

  7. typical not

    hey is that a really good pkers stats 42 health 48 mage 48 range lvl 34 with green d hide legs magers top mage ammy short bow addy arrows water blast and lobbies/ swordies ??

  8. tyrell

    ty very much now i can try it

  9. kille

    sup i think a good combo is 70 attack 99 strength and 70 defence do for members and 40 attack at least 60 strength and 40 defence for f2p’s

  10. Daspida

    im lvl 86 jus bout to hit 87 i own people my level i got dragon axe whip full barrows and all ym combat stats are lvl 70+ i still get owne dand plus since there is new pking got removed u cant battle in wildy but when there was still i got owned by pure rangers and mages no matter what ur wearing its all about ur hp and skill lvl and how u use them just like i got lvl 72 ranged i use d bow and d arrows i hit 25+ and i rarley miss with both arrows i own lvl 90 – 100 easily 101-5 takes a lil longer 106+ kinda hit me hard even with black d hide on but still its all about ur skill level what ur using and how u use them

  11. iownforfun

    i have a question is it good to gt full rune and a bgs to go pkin or what i have no money bgs is all i got left btw im level 110 and this is members

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