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The ranged combat style in RuneScape is what allows players to attack monsters and other enemies from a distance using various projectiles. This allows players to attack and then dodge behind an object to avoid damage. Players can also fire over barricades. Those who prefer this combat style may be called archers or rangers. Ranged attacks are most effective against magical attacks, but they are weak against those who use melee.

Runescape Ranged

Different Ranged Attack Styles

There are three different attack styles associated with ranged combat: Rapid, Accurate, and Long-Range. All three do one damage and provide 1.33 hitpoint experience. However, Accurate and Rapid give 4 ranged experience, while Long-Range only gives two. Long-Range, though, also provides two defense experience, while the other two styles do not award any.

Rapid Style allows players to shot projectiles faster than the other two styles. However, a player using the Accurate Style will hit more often. Long-Range allows players to attack from farther away. While training, most players use the Rapid Style because they can defeat enemies more quickly; however, they will also use up more ammunition.

Runescape Ranged Rapid Style

Using Crossbows: Note that equipping a crossbow gives a bonus of 0.2 ranged experience with both Rapid and Accurate Style. For Long-Range, the experience is split between Ranged and Defense.

Why Use Ranged Attacks?

There are several bonuses to using runescape ranged attacks in addition to defeating enemies before they even approach your character. The Ranger armor has some very high magical defense bonuses, plus it gives attack bonuses as well. This helps insure that a ranged attacker will be able to defeat foes who only use magical attacks. Ranged bonuses also increase accuracy, allowing for even those using the Rapid or Long-Range style to hit quite often.

Ranged Weapons

There are a number of different ranged weapons in the game. Here are some of the most common:

» Shortbows – these bows are very quick, but they aren't as accurate as other bows.
» Longbows – while slower than shortbows, longbows are more accurate.
» Crossbows – crossbows provide a ranged experience bonus. They are very accurate but also very slow. Crossbows are also considered one-handed weapons, so players can equip other items in their left hand.
» Throwing weapons – knives and other throwing weapons are very, very fast, but they aren't as powerful as other ranged weapons.
» Some weapons are available to members only, including the Dwarf multicannon, the Ogre bow, the Toktz-xil-ul, and the Seercull.

Runescape Crossbows

Ranged Armor Sets

Some armor sets are specifically designed for ranged attackers. Many beginning ranged attackers use leather armor since it is both cheap and can be crafted. Another popular armor set is the Snakeskin armor, which can only be used by members. It can be made via the crafting skill using snakeskin. The books and the bandanna are especially popular since they are cheaper than other foot and head pieces.

The most popular ranged armor set is the dragonhide armor. The green dragonhide set is available to free players, although they have to complete the Dragon Slayer quest to use it. Members can use the red, blue, and black dragonhide armor. Players can add fur and gold trim to these armor sets.

Karil the Tainted offered a set of barrows equipment for ranged players as a reward for winning the Barrows minigame. When the full armor set is equipped with Karil's crossbows, ranged attacks may reduce the enemy's agility.

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