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Runescape Strength Pure

September 17th, 2008 by admin

Runescape Strength Pure

A lot of players in Runescape like to make "pures". If you are not sure what a pure is, it is an account that is built for one thing. Such as if, you have a mining pure, it would have a high mining skill, and all its other skills left alone. People can make combat pures that will be pure attack or pure strength, which can be very effective in combat. I myself have not experimented with combat pures, but I do know that they work. So, because I have not actually built a combat pure before, I decided to research and see how to make a combat pure.

Runescape Strength Pure 2

First, (starting on the Tutorial) get your strength to three and leave the rest of the skills the same. After you complete the Tutorial, head over to some chickens. Fight these until you are level 15. (You might want to collect the feathers to sell at a later date, to help pay for weapons.) Some suggest getting five attacks for steel weapons, but that's optional.

They say that as long as your attack is 10-15 levels below your strength, you will still be in the green. Now, go to Al Kharid and buy a scimitar, then move out to the cows. Train on these to level 20-25. You will want to keep the hides to sell. Then, buy the next scimitar.

Runescape Strength Pure 3

Level 12 minotaurs and level 14 wolves are in the Stronghold of Security, these can be used to get from 25 to 35. You can do this any way, the point of a pure is to have the main skill as high as it can be, but you only level the other ones if it is absolutely necessary. In the combat pures it seams to me that, especially with strength, you are going to need a little attack. This is so you are able to wield better weapons. Therefore, I believe that getting 40 attack for free to play members and 60 for pay to play members would just be logical, as you will want to be able to wield good weapons. (Imagine having to wield Iron at 99 strength!)

Runescape Strength Pure 4

So, as I know, most of you will already have a way of training, I am sure that you can use it on the idea of a pure as well. A lot of people will make non-combat pures to make money. Pure woodcutters, fishers, miners, these can all make great money in the long run. It just takes hard work.

It is not against the rules to have multiple accounts, but it is against the rules to log in on them at the same time. A lot of times, pures are built to make money. Whether by PKing or hard work - that is why they are made. Although it is illegal to have these multiple accounts interact, people find ways to get that money to their main account. Yes, there are ways to do this, but I will not be telling you how, as I do not encourage rule breaking. Happy Playing!

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4 Responses

  1. eeegulu

    Haha combat pures are pretty easy to take down due to their lack of other skills. for the rare def pures, maging is a good idea. str pures can easily be beaten by ranging them with armor or def warriors :D maging pures are bs in non member and basically anything can take them down. just watch out for clan or teammates cuz haha they make the best kind of pkers.

  2. Greybear55

    You can’t easily take out Rare def pures, if you mage them, they take out there armour, if you range them, they range you back

    A RARE DEF PURE has these following stats:75 or 80 Attack
    99 Strength
    80+ Hp
    45 Defence
    50 Prayer

    Therefore, they own anyone ^.^

  3. godofdatgame

    but you see sir.
    most pure str are going pure range/2h
    pure ownage!

  4. jakob

    i prefer if ur a pure get at least 40 range 40 attack 50 strength 20 defence becuz people call u def noobs but ur really just like them ur a pure a mithy pure the 1 def pures will eventually get 45 defence to be zerkers

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