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October 2nd, 2007 by admin

All Runescape players have trained at least once in their Runescape life. Whether it is killing men in lumbridge or going one on one with greater demons in the wilderness, it's still considered training. This guide will hopefully allow you to choose the most efficient way to train and maybe earn some spare gold while you are at it.

When you begin Runescape, you start at Tutorial Island. This is the best place to train when you are level 3. Unfortunately, you can only train to level 3 in any skill on Tutorial Island, or so I heard. When you are finished, go to lumbridge by talking to the mage in the final training field. Lumbridge is dangerous to level 3s but so is anywhere else in Runescape. Don't take on men in lumbridge for they will kick your butts after a while. Depending on what you want to be, go to different training areas. For example, warriors should go to the goblin house east of lumbridge. Train a bit at the goblin house until you have 10 coins and think you are set for training.

You will need 10 coins to pass the gate to al-kharid. When you enter, head south until you find a house full of al-kharid warriors. Wait till someone attacks one then attack it. Never challenge al-kharid warriors by yourself until the level of 20. Even then, bring some food for survival. I recommend training only strength and attack if you're being a warrior. Do not train defense until you are level 40+. Usually you will get slaughtered because making money at level 3+ is difficult for many people. Guards and monsters will attack you and you will lose all your money.

Mages are what people should train for until level 35. They make great warriors in the wilderness despite their cost. Training for mages should be in enclosed spaces with lots of nooks and crannies so monsters cannot attack you. Varrock is a good place to train because there is a jail there where you can kill monks. If you go to the jail guard's place, then you can attack guards behind the fence. When you have enough maging or ranging, go to the wizards tower and attack the lesser demons.

Barbarian village is the best place to train for me. Flesh Crawlers level 38 only hit ones and my adamant and rune armor protects me from consecutive blows. Go to the second floor of the dungeon and turn on auto retaliates. 40 defense and good armor should make your training much easier here. Hopefully this guide will make a better place to train for non-members. GOOD LUCK FELLOW RUNESCAPIANS!!!

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  1. mailboy1391

    yay my new guide is done =)

  2. bluesnake71

    This is the worst guide ever. There are better tips somewhere else. If I was allowed, I could make a better guide and post it here.

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