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Runescape Training

April 22nd, 2008 by admin

Training in Runescape can mean either gaining higher combat levels, or gaining higher skill levels.

Runescape Training

Training in combat: If you want the maximum experience, you want to kill a monster with higher Health Points that will not hit you as often. This way, you can hit them as much as possible without using a bunch of expensive food. Just because a monster gives nice items, does not mean it is going to give great experience. If you are going to train your combat, items have no play. Save up your food before you begin to train, that way you do not have to break your killing spree and go off to fish or buy food.

It makes it go a whole lot smoother if you have more food in the bank than you think you will need. Training against a monster that is aggressive and will attack a person of your level, without another thought, is very helpful because you will not have to click on another monster over and over to attack it. Different weapons will do different damage to different monsters so choose your weapon wisely. Remember this, while a Ruby Amulet might make you hit harder, it does not make you hit faster.

Try using a diamond or dragon amulet even tough they are quite expensive. Try to choose a monster that is not too strong for you. Dragons usually have a very high defense, which means they are not good for experience. The highest level a monster should be is around the same as your combat level, but not higher. That will only increase the time that you will fight them and you will not get as much experience. Even more so, it will lower your food supply very quickly.

Runescape Training 2

Firemaking: Cut tons of logs (or buy them) and save them in the bank, before you even start training firemaking. This way you will not have to keep on cutting and burning. Begin firemaking near a bank like Draynor or Edgeville. Burn logs, then get more logs from the bank, and so on and so forth. Firemaking, like all skills on Runescape, takes a lot of patience and commitment. You will not get the 10 levels a day you want unless your firemaking is very low! You will probably want to try burning for only 2 hours or so a day so that you don't lose hope.

Runescape Training 3

Prayer: Bury every single bone you see. If you do not want to spend the money to buy the bones, you will have to get them yourself. A good spot is in the wilderness, there are quite a few big bone spawns that comes again quickly. The Mort Myre swamp, home of the Ghasts, is another prime place. The Ghasts give 30-prayer experience each; they have 45 hits, which add up to about 180 experiences to your chosen skill, so they are good for both.

Runescape Training 4

Woodcutting: A good trick would be to cut a huge load of willows. The trees south of Draynor bank are really fast experience. Obviously, use the best hatchet you can. Try not to burn/fletch the logs as you get them, as it slows you down. So just, chop a load full, bank them, and repeat. You can go up levels really fast like this. At around 70, move on to yews. Repeat the process of the willows.

Runescape Training involves different methods per different skills. I have named only a couple of the skills.Training is pretty much the same either way; you just continue using that skill until you gain a level. Thus, you are training. Good luck in the wonderful world of Runescape.

Happy Playing! (Or training in this case.)

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