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Runescape Treasure Trails

June 10th, 2008 by admin

Runescape Treasure Trails

Are you a member that is looking for something to do? Why not try a couple Runescape treasure trails? They are quite fun and very rewarding. Even with just a level one treasure trail, you can still get something like Black Gold Trimmed Armor. I'm sure your wondering how to start a treasure trail. First, you must get a clue scroll. You can get these from killing monsters around Runescape, the higher level the better clue scroll you could get. I will now show you a list of the monsters you can fight and what level clue scroll they drop.

Level one clue scrolls: Man, Woman, Goblin (both level 2 and 5.), Mugger, Farmer Al-Kharid Warrior, Barbarian, Thug, Rock Crabs, Icefiend, Rogue, Thief, H.A.M. Members, H.A.M. Guards, Banshees, Cave Slime, the Morytania werewolves in human form, Minotaur, Afflicted, Dagannoth Spawn, and Rellekka Citizens (Borrakar, Freidar, Freygerd, Inga, Jennella, Lensa and Lanzig.)

Level two clue scrolls: Guard, Tribesman, Bandit Camp Humans, Cockatrice, Abyssal Leech, Pyrefiend Harpie Bug Swarm, Black Guard, Rellekka Warriors, Market Guards, Jogre, Ice Warrior, Abyssal Guardian, Paladin, Catablepon, Jungle Horror, Vampire, Dagannoth, Giant Skeleton, Abyssal Walker, Wallasalki, Mummy, Giant Rock Crab, and Giant Sea Snake.

Level three clue scrolls: Cyclops, Green Dragon, Cave Horror, Ankou, Greater Demon, Elf Warrior, Tyras Guard, Suqah, Blue Dragon, Hellhound, Gorak, Red dragon, Brutal Green Dragon, Black Dragon, Bronze Dragon, Iron Dragon, Steel Dragon, Dagannoth Kings (Prime, Rex & Supreme), and Mithril Dragons.

You can also get clue scrolls from pick-pocketing H.A.M. Members or from Shade Chests.

Now I'm sure you're wondering what rewards you can get from clue scrolls. Well, let me name those now.

Level one rewards:
» Black cane, black bolts, black crossbow, black nails, and oak planks
» Enhanced Amulet of Magic (t) (same bonuses as normal version)
» Berets (black, blue, or white)
» Black Trimmed Armor
» Black Gold Trimmed Armor
» Black Heralded Shields (h1 through h5)
» Black Heralded Helmets (h1 through h5)
» Trimmed Blue Wizard Equipment
» Gold Trimmed Blue Wizard Equipment
» Bob The Cat Shirts (5 Logo colors)
» Blue Elegant Costumes (Male and Female)
» Green Elegant Costumes (Male and Female)
» Red Elegant Costumes (Male and Female)
» Emote Enhancers (modifies certain emotes while wearing)
» Fire Lighters (5 colors)
» Prayer Book Pages (Saradomin, Guthix, and Zamorak)
» Highwayman Mask
» Trimmed Leather Armor (Body and Chaps)
» Gold Trimmed Leather Armor (Body and Chaps)
» Purple Sweets (Stackable energy restorers with small hp boost)
» Willow Composite Bow
» Saradomin Vestments
» Guthix Vestments
» Zamorak Vestments

Runescape Treasure Trails 2

Some tips for Runescape Treasure Trails:

» The ring of wealth does NOT increase chances of a clue scroll drop.
» You can trade your god and trimmed armor to F2P members.
» If you have one clue scroll, you can't get another one unless you finish or drop that one.
» You must speak to the Professor in the house that is north of the Observatory before asking Murphy for the sextant and Brother Kojo for the watch.

As I said above, Runescape treasure trails can be very fun and rewarding. Not to mention exciting. When you get your first clue scroll, you will feel like you're on top of the world, and most likely run off to go get your treasure. If you do not, then we are nothing alike, haha.

Happy playing, or in this case... Happy Hunting!

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4 Responses

  1. zoo skiller

    umm ive found that atking dosnt work very often and pickpokecting dose but im over lvl 1 clue scrolls. How can i get lvl 2 clue scrolls without haveing to have to have high lvl pickpoketing.

  2. bia

    Hi. My name (on runescsape) Is Oprollo007. I am stuck on a level 1 clue scroll. Something to do with a lighthouse. I’ve dug all over that part but can’t find anything. I’ve been trying for a hour. The bridge is broken so i dont know how to do this. Help please!

  3. b3rsrkr

    ok, i dont know how to help with the light house,just search the zoo skiller, i got a lvl 2 clue scroll, and u can too, just kill fally gaurds repediatly till one of them drops it, or u can just pickpocket ham members for lvl1 clue scrolls….

  4. cwlc

    I’m stuck on a level two scroll and it says the co-ordinates: 00 degrees 20 minutes south 23 degrees 15 minutes east. I wen there and dug but i can’t find it so can someone please tell me where it is.

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