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Runescape Weapons - Weapon Attacks

December 14th, 2007 by admin

Runescape has a variety of weapons and weapon styles. I will go over the different weapons and their uses in this article. All the weapons on runescape have different uses and different types of attacks. Some weapons hit harder than others, and some hit low, but are fast. There are other factors that can increase your attack percentages. Attack styles determine how much damage you produce, and how much experience you gain. Attack styles are important to understand before you go into combat.

Attack Styles
There are four main attack styles on Runescape. If you click your cross swords in your hub, then you can see the variety of attack styles. The most common style used by people is accurate. Accurate won't help you level your skills such as defense or strength. Accurate helps raise your attack skill. You get four experience points per damage point given. Aggressive is stronger than accurate, but a little inaccurate. It is also slower, giving your opponent to attack more than once before you hit them again. Aggressive attack style helps you raise your strength skill. You get four experience points per damage point given to your opponent.Runescape Weapons Your third attack style is the defensive style. The defensive style increases your chance of blocking, and raises your defense skill. Defensive style is slightly slower than accurate, but you can't tell the difference. Defensive style is useful when you are fighting an opponent doing double the damage you deal to him. You get four experience points per damage point you deal to your opponent. The fourth attack style is controlled. Controlled gives you experience in all 3 of your skills. It gives 1.33 experience points to attack, defense, and strength per damage point given to your opponent.

Attack Classes
Your equipment that you wear has stats of its own. These stats show your character's weaknesses and superiorities. These are your attack and defense bonuses. There are six categories for your bonuses. They are stab, slash, crush, magic, strength, and range. Stab is a penetrating attack that does more damage against chainmail. Slash is an effective account, and does more damage against light armor such as robes or dragonhide. Crush is a very effective attack against heavy armor like platemail. Hammers and maces usually do the most damage with crush. Magic inflicts little damage with swords and such, but is very effective when using a staff. Ranged is not effective with heavy armor on. Dragonhide or leather works better for ranged attacks. Strength determines the amount of damage you hit. Higher leveled weapons give better bonuses.

Weapons differ from daggers to barrows weapons. Daggers are fast, but aren't that strong. They are one-handed, and can have the effect of poisoning. Short swords are one step above daggers. They are fast, but inflict low damage. Short swords are one handed, but are not very effective in battle. Scimitars are one-handed, and are fast. Scimitars deal a decent amount of damage compared to the short swords and long swords. Maces are one handed weapons, but are slow.

They deal great damage to plate mail, and give a prayer bonus. Long swords are used by many. They have speed, and deal a good bit of damage. Spears are not as fast as long swords, but it does a good deal of damage. Spears also have the ability to poison. Battle axes inflict a lot of damage on platemail, and can hack robes and dragonhide. Battleaxes are one handed, so a shield can be worn for the defense. 2-handed swords deal the most damage out of the varieties of weapons. With the 2-handed sword, you lack defense, so you would need a good defense setup. Warhammers are one-handed weapons but deal a great amount of damage as well. Their strong against any platemail.

Halberds inflict high damage, but are slow. Hatchets are fast, but weak. Their main purpose is for woodcutting. Staffs come in a variety of different ways. Elemental staffs, battlestaffs, mystical staffs, god staffs, and slayer staffs. Your elemental staff can determine what element you have infinite of. For example, if you wield a fire staff, you won't need fire runes to cast a spell using fire runes. Pickaxes are not very good weapons. They are slow, and don't inflict a lot of damage. Their main purpose is for mining. Shortbows are 2 handed weapons and are real fast. They are better used in short range. Longbows are stronger, but slower than the shortbow. They are 2-handed, and are better used in long range. Crossbows are one handed, so a shield can be worn.

Crossbows are slower, but can inflict a lot of damage depending on the type of bolts you use. Throwable weapons such as knives, javelins, and darts inflict less damage then arrows, but are faster. They also have the chance of poisoning your enemy. Throwable weapons are one-handed. The abyssal whip deals high damage and is fast. The abyssal whip is slightly more expensive than dragon, and needs level 70 attack to be able to wield. Barrows weapons have a variety of weapons.

They are Torags Hammers, Veracs Flail, Guthans Warspear, Dharocks Greataxe, Kharils Crossbow,and Ahrims Staff. They all have bonuses when wore with the full set of its kind. They all inflict a great deal of damage, and are all unique with their own special attack.

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  1. RuneScape Software

    I prefer heavy damage weapons rather than ones that have greater accuracy it seems to give the game more chance which adds allot to it.

  2. me............

    ok dude u pretty much mentioned mos of the weapons but,i see u missed claws.i mean,claws should be up there with the daggers ,they may not be one of the most major weapons but u should still mention them.

  3. Melbourne to Brisbane blog

    I think the daggers have been mentioned there: “Daggers are fast, but aren’t that strong.”

  4. Zen

    EHHHi prefer scimmy to anyother weapon but i cant say ealy cause im no memb.

  5. lyh963

    mostly weapons deal heavier damage and was more accurate were rather slow at hitting the enemy(e.g. battle axes, 2-h swords). And weapons deal with lesser damage than the weapons above normally are faster in hitting the enemies and are also less accurate. Hence is no difference but it is depending on what type weapon you like to use the most

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