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Runescape Weapons

April 14th, 2008 by admin

Runescape Weapons

There are many different types of Runescape Weapons, from a Bronze Dagger to an Amandite Short Sword to a Whip. There are so many, it's virtually impossible to count. For paying members they are always making new things including weapons.

When you first start out the best metal you can wield is bronze. As you train, your attack will go up allowing for more metals to be wielded. Remember to train Attack, Defense, and Strength or else you will miss out on some better weapons such as the rune hally. Weapons are not always swords. You could consider a Battle Staff or a bow as a weapon, as well. Even your bare fists can be used as a weapon.

Members can get "special Weapons" These weapons have special attacks, powers, or job.

Some of these weapons include:

Excalibur: it raises your defense temporarily by 10%.
Darklight: it reduces an opponent's attack, strength, and defense.
Seercullbow: it Inflicts damage and reduces the magic level by the number of damage inflicted.
Bone Dagger: it Lowers opponents defense by the amount of damage you inflict. Has a very good chance of hitting an unsuspecting opponent.
Dorgeshuun Crossbow: It does the same as the Bone Dagger.
Abbysal Whip: it transfers 10% of your opponent's energy to you.
Magic Longbow: it can do an accurate shot that will definitely inflict damage.
Magic Shortbow: it can fire two quick arrow shots, but will hit with less accuracy.
Granite Maul: it can instantly attack an enemy even if you just attacked them.
Crystal Bow: its 80% faster than a magic bow and it does not use ammo.
Rune Claws: it temporarily increases strength and attack for that hit, but makes the attack slower.
Rune Throwing Axes: can hit many enemies in a multi-combat zone.
Dragon Long Sword: it can do a very strong hit at any time.
Dragon Daggers - They can do a double hit at any time.

Runescape Weapons 2

These are just some of the special weapons that are offered to the pay to play members of Runescape. As you can see, there is a wide array of Runescape weapons to choose from, it's all up to your character of who he is. A mage has a lot of choices, including two other types of spells, Lunar, and ancient. Free to play can only have the normal runescape magic spell book, while pay to play members can get the other two books.

Although, members get a lot of good items, free to play still has their own powerful weapons.

Some of the more popular is the Rune Scimitar, and the Rune two-handed sword. The 2h swords are believed to be the most powerful weapon in Runescape. Some will argue that they are not, as you cant wield a shield with it, but its only an opinion.

Runescape Weapons 3

To most, the Abyssal Whip is in fact the best weapon in Runescape. To those that can afford it, it's the most sought after weapon. It requires 70 attack to use it, and buying it is not the only option. If you dare to kill an Abyssal Demon, they will sometimes drop these magnificent whips.

There are many more Runescape weapons out there, Like the Obsidian Set or the Mjolnirs. It takes a lot of work to be able to wield these types of weapons, and usually there is a quest to do to get them.

One of the more favorable weapons to low-level members is the Granite Maul. It can actually deal more damage than a whip, but it a lot slower. So in a battle with a whip on gmaul, the outcome would be nothing less than a surprise.

Runescape Weapons 4

Therefore, as you can see, there are loads of Runescape weapons to choose from. I have only named 25 percent at most of what's out there.

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6 Responses

  1. eeegulu

    u are wrong that the abyssal whip is the best weapon… you can hit 150s with a crossbow… and 100 something with dharoks
    abyssal whip is the quickest and easiest to kill someone with though
    dharocks is chancing basically because u need low hp to hit high so… if u miss the K,O hit… ur basically doomed

  2. Lord GG

    lmao…nice one…well..i do agree with it…also, u do know that the gs are more powerful right? speak of whips…whips is great for atk training cuz it’s the same speed as a scimmy and it’s kinda over powered…but i would use a gs tho.. :P

  3. whip dude

    the whip owns daroks like eeegulu said if u miss the ko your doomed! the only way darrok owns is if u got 99 str and 99 att.

  4. W00t 7997

    LOL you guys have probably not been on for very long. Currently the best weapon is the dark bow with 99 range and dragon arrows. When i spec with that and prayer i hit up to 90-145 and 100-150. I’d like to see a godsword hit that…

  5. Cory

    Actually your all wrong… Dhaorak’s can hit 111 and the current record is 153 with a Keris.. But the conditions have to be perfect.. 99 Str… The highest attack bonus possable, a black mask ( 10 or 0 works the same ) and a bug as the monster your killing and it has to be your slayer task.. Crossbows don’t come close to hitting 150 unless your using ruby (e) bolts.. In which case is 400 on the mostes from summers end quest ( I believe that is the quest and don’t remember the name, sorry). If you have an arguement, don’t because I have been researching for years and am lvl 132… But good luck hitting your own 153! -cory

  6. Jason

    i would like to see u kill someone with that dharoks of urs. when the guy your going up against has 99 str and attack and a ags in his hand.

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