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Surviving Runescape

October 8th, 2007 by admin

During your stay at runescape, there will be many times when you die. The question that is most frequently asked to me is how do I survive in runescape? Humans, demons, or dragons are always killing me! Well, here is a guide for survival for non-members.

Here is the most basic tip that you will ever get, don’t fight people who appear in red. They will slaughter you! If you are in a multi zone, wait for someone else to attack a monster before you attack it. If it attacks you before you attack it, run and hide until it attacks someone else. Hiding behind fences and ranging or maging works just as well. Working in teams is your best bet to survival.

The wilderness, the best place to go if you want to die… Unfortunately, no one really wants to die in the wilderness. The best thing to do in the wilderness is to invite your friends along. Never team with more than the amount of people in your original team. This is for safety purposes. If they were to backstab you, you would probably get killed. It is unwise to go deep into the wilderness by yourself unless you have no items or one item and pray. Teams are usually found in deeper levels of the wild.

Never follow people you aren’t friends with anywhere. They may lure you into places that will get you killed. I have seen people get lured into greater demons, lesser demons, hobgoblins, and hill giants. New players have the worst luck when it comes to following people. You should also log out before you leave the room in case of a random event killing you. I have seen a guy with full rune leave the room when he was fishing. A river troll came and killed him. That was 250k down the drain because he had some money on him. Good luck surviving my fellow runescapians and watch out for vampires.


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