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Your Runescape Account

May 30th, 2007 by admin

There are a lot of things you need to know about your Runescape account. One major factor is security of your account, as you don't want your valuable Runescape items and character suddenly going missing now do you? Jagex has taken extra steps in the way of safety lately, for example, they introduced the bank PIN code that players can set to make the items in their bank safer if their character is hacked into. Also, Jagex tries really hard to make players realise that they will not ask for anyone's username and password, and that you must always sign in from and nowhere else; or you could risk losing your character to someone else.

Keeping your runescape account safe

There are a few steps you can take to ensure that your account is as safe as it can be, and not prone to getting accessed by other people. Here they are:
1) When setting your password, add both letters and digits: It's always a good idea to vary you passwords a lot. Make sure that your Runescape password is not the same as any of your other passwords, and that you add digits just to make it that bit more hard to hack into.

2.) Never let your password out to anyone: It's kind of obvious. Don't even tell family or close friends, they could potentially let it out by accident to someone else who could access your account.

3) Make sure you only log into the game from This is extremely important, as in the past there have been people who thought that you could log into Runescape from a variety of different website; this is NOT true, so make sure your only on when your logging in.

4) Always set a secret question and answer: Just incase someone does manage to hack your account, you'll at least have the chance of getting it back so a secret question and answer is good to set; make sure you let no one know what it is either.

5) Don't get fooled by someone claiming to be Jagex Staff: Some people get tricked in-game in thinking that one player is of the Jagex staff. They are only affiliated with Jagex if they are moderators (and have a gold-crown next to their name). Player moderators (with silver crowns) are not to be trusted at all as they are at the end of the day, players.

I hope these points help you in keeping your account more safe.

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