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Best Runescape Dragon Weapons

May 18th, 2008 by admin

Best Runescape Dragon Weapons

There is a wide array of Runescape dragon weapons. But which ones are the best? Many could argue that one is better than the other, but it really comes down to the situation. First, let me tell you what the weapons are.

Best Runescape Dragon Weapons 2

Dragon Longsword (D long) - One of the most popular dragon weapons out there.
Dragon Battleaxe (D B Axe, or D Battle) - Less popular yet still well known.
Dragon Dagger (Dragon Dagger, ddp, dds or dd+) - Very popular, especially poisoned.
Dragon Mace (D Mace) - You don't see very many people with these.
Dragon Halberd (D Hally) - Somewhat popular yet still hard to find.
Dragon Scimitar (D Scimmy) - A much known weapon.
Dragon Spear (D Spear) - Hard to find a person with it.
Dragon 2-Handed Sword (D 2H) - Quite popular.

Best Runescape Dragon Weapons 3

Now then, which one is the best? Well, some say that the Dragon 2-Handed Sword is the best. Is it? Or perhaps the Dragon Halberd is the Best Runescape Dragon Weapon. Everyone has their preferences. Some prefer obby weapons, and others prefer other weapons. Every player has their opinion, so can there ever be a best weapon in any category? So now we need to look at why.

If you were to go by prices, then the Dragon Woodcutting Axe (also known as the D axe.) would be the one. Priced at around 2,335,702gp! The reason it is like this is because it is a rare drop on monsters. Next in line would be the Dragon two-handed sword at a whopping 1,367,559gp. To save time, I will make a list in order containing the dragon weapons prices.

Best Runescape Dragon Weapons 4

Dragon halberd - 232,000gp
Dragon Battle axe - 150,781
Dragon Scimitar - 99,400
Dragon Longsword 98,795
Dragon Mace - 39,624
Dragon Spear - 38,793
Dragon Dagger 30,164
Dragon Arrow - 5,698 (each)
Dragon Dart - 2337 (each)

These are the low-end market prices to this date. Of course, the dragon longsword would sell for 100k, but as I've said many times, the market chances almost daily. Nothing stays the same in Runescape for long.

So what are the best Runescape dragon weapons? You can't really say. For an archer, they would of course be the arrows and darts. However, what about you? What is your best Runescape dragon weapon? Could it be the dragon long sword? Maybe it's the Dragon spear. The Dragon Scimitar is a good weapon, but is it the best? No one can really say. Though the Dragon two-handed sword is referred by many people as the best dragon weapon, is this true? Perhaps it is, and perhaps its not. It all depends on the player!

So now, when you're arguing with your friend about who has the better weapon in Runescape, use this against him or her, say, "yours might be good for you, but mine is BEST for me! Then you have won the argument. Because it IS the best to you. So after reading all this, is your mind still made up that the weapon you think is the best, is truly the best? Alternatively, have you changed your opinion and now you think that your weapon is the best to you?

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6 Responses

  1. Blake

    Yea i have a d long but my friend say they stink and d daggers are better should i sell d long for d dagger or keep d long?

  2. jonathon

    well ddp++ is handier for poisoning but i’d try do heroes quest then get ddp++ and save up for: d b axe, whip, d 2h etc

  3. you-s

    The best dragon wep. is the Drawgon Claw, it has 2 specs, each spec hit 4 times, each time it hit from 1-40 for players around 100, that like over full hp 99>>>, so is’nt it gr8?

  4. Dane

    Ok. whoever made this is one of the most stupidest people out there. No matter what game, their is always a best thing! you cant deny it. If i said a D spear hit for 12 max at 60 str and hit once every 3 seconds yet a DDp hit for 13 max with 60 str and hit every 1.5 seconds, your telling me a D spear could be better if i like it better? It’s more like,how good the weapon Varies on what your doing and what lvl you are.

    For pvp, D claws if your a low lvl, and Ddp if your a high lvl since its more reliable (this is only for dragon weps btw)

    If you want to train Str then go with the Dragon scimmy since its faster then the D long and hits higher but it just doesnt have a good spec

    D2h is pointless. the only way it would be good is if your doing pest control otherwise its slow attacks cant compete with the fast high hitting attacks of a scimitar.

    for Kalphite queen you would want to use a D mace for its spec since its the most powerfull one. Other then that you dont use it.

    D battle axe some people use it for the str bonuses and then switch to the whip, this is helpful for non PvP Stuff, but for Pvp this would be stupid

    so it all depends on what your doing, not on what you like.. before making a post like this please make sure you know what your talking about.

  5. RuneDude

    I would choose the Dragon Halberd because it is the most powerful weapon but on the other hand it would be smart to have a p++ dragon dagger so your enemys die faster.

  6. Taton05

    ok i am a free player now but the weapon i used was the d scimmy i think its the best weapon cause it has speed and i saw someone hit a 42 with it the spec isnt the best but it is alright so there for the d scimmy is the best the only reason people think other wise is cause they like another weapon better well if you think about it you need speed and strength to win so a scim of and you have to have a glory ammy to hit the 42+s ok

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