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Best Runescape Melee Weapons

July 9th, 2008 by admin

Runescape Melee Weapons

If you are looking for the Best Runescape Melee Weapons, then look no further. I'm about to show you what are considered the Best Runescape Melee Weapons.

For those free to play members, Rune is the best. There are three different weapons that are always being argued are the best. These are, Rune Scimitar, Rune 2-handed sword, and the Rune Battle Axe. Rune Scimitars are fast, accurate and can pack a punch. Rune 2-handed swords are slow, you cannot wear a shield with them, but they make up for this with their strong hits. The Rune Battle Axe is in between these. Slower than the Rune Scimitar but faster than the Rune 2-handed sword. It is the same with the damage. You CAN wear a shield with the Rune Battle Axe.

Best in the Dragon category has also been argued. I believe the two favorite ones are the Dragon Long Sword and the Dragon Dagger Poisoned. You do not see many people walking around with Dragon Scimitars or Dragon Maces. These are very costly could be one reason.

Runescape Melee Weapons 2

Of course, the "Best Runescape Melee Weapons" differ from person to person. If you have someone with low attack, The Granite Mual might be the best for him or her. Alternatively, maybe someone likes speed, so his or her best would be the Abbysal Whip. So, if you were to proclaim your weapon the best weapon, would it really be the best? Maybe to you, but to someone else, it would not be. To a person off of Tutorial Island, an Iron dagger would be the best weapon.

So after realizing what the Best Runescape Melee Weapons are, let's see if you can find the best one for you. If your new, try to gain some attack and strength levels. Once you have them, try getting some Black weapons. Then on to Mith. One your at adamant you have a pretty good level. Then get it to 40 and fork out the cash for a rune scimitar. Now, if your member I would work on your strength. A Granite Mual use to be, and still is one of my favorite weapons.

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There are many many weapons proclaimed as the best. However, I will indeed mention one called the Saradomin Sword. It has also been called the SS. It is a beautiful design; its hits are quite good. However, it's a sword version of the Whip. Its +82 slash and strength and +60 crush. When you use the Special Attack, it drains the whole bar. It is a very strong sword. Is it the best? Doubt it.

There are hundreds of different weapons out there. In addition, Jagex is always adding to it. So don't be so quick to judge one weapon better than another does. It really depends on the situation. Obviously if you have a dragon long sword and a bronze short sword, the dragon sword is the best weapon in that situation.

Runescape Melee Weapons 4

Now that you have a different view on the best weapons, why not go out there and see if you can find the best weapon for you, instead of the all around best weapon. It will be a much easier task than finding a weapon that everyone can proclaim the best. Unless you have super awesome mind control powers, Haha. Happy Playing!

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2 Responses

  1. Austin

    sorry but its not preference. if you were to attack something for 1 hour non stop, one weapon would always out damage the others. which weapon is that?

  2. David

    I would have to agree with Austin, you are talking about a favoit weapon, not the best weapon.

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