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Best Runescape Range Weapons

August 12th, 2008 by admin

Best Runescape Range Weapons

There are many different types of Runescape Range Weapons, from bows and arrows to throwing axes to crossbows. I personally do not think there is really a "best" weapon, but rather a weapon that is best for a person.

Over the years, I have heard numerous arguments over which weapons were the best. If they would stop looking at the over all best, which is impossible to call a weapon, they would be in much better shape. Let me explain. Say you have a new person just starting out; they have trained their range to level 5. You give them an Oak Bow and some steel arrows, and then to them, the Oak Bow is the best weapon. You can apply this is any weapon. So the next time you are in an argument over which is better, use what I just said. You will win the argument for sure, ha-ha.

In my opinion, the best type of Bow is the Crystal Bow. It is 80% more accurate than a Magic Longbow, it hit higher than Rune Arrows, and it does not use any arrows! This will save you a lot of money. The down side to this one is it does not have a special attack.

Best Runescape Range Weapons 2

If I were going to pick the best Throwing Axe, I would have to say Rune. They have a special attack that will allow you to attack many monsters at once in a multi-combat zone.

As for the best Crossbow, I would have to say the Rune Crossbow, It does not have a specialty like the Dorgeshunn Crossbow does, but as it requires level 61 range, I would have to believe it hits better.

But again, these are my choices; they can be different for anyone. Here is another idea for you. Let's say that you have to do a quest. This quest requires a certain type of Throwing Axes. In this case, we will say that they are Bronze. So then, wouldn't Bronze Throwing Axes be the Best Runescape Range Weapons for that quest? I believe they would be.

I was listening to a player, he told me his top 5 Runescape Range Weapons. I will tell them to you.

5. Magic Shortbow because it can hit quite big with a high range level, it is also very cheap.

4. Karils Crossbow because it is very fast, it can hit big, and its not to expensive.

Best Runescape Range Weapons 3

3. Crystal Bow because it can hit hard and fast, but it is only 3rd because it requires a quest and it can get very expensive.

2. Dark Bow because its special can be incredibly powerful, sadly it is slow and very expensive.

Best Runescape Range Weapons 4

1. Rune Crossbow because the bolts can hit 50+, it is cheap, and average in speed. In addition to those, you can also wield a shield.

It is fun to hear what players think are the best, because each person will give you a different conclusion.

There are many different ways to rate the "best" weapons, but there is no way to call one the over all best. If you have your own opinion on what is the best, feel free to share them. Who knows what works for you might work for someone else as well? Happy Playing!

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3 Responses

  1. Laurence

    Best thing you can throw is Indeed and Rune Throwing axe, the best Bow is a D Bow (Pretty Obvius) My friend has mac range and uses teh D Bow with Dragon Aroows, and he can hit 50s, plus they attack twice at a time and that makes the max hit 100, then Best Crossbow is Runite Crossbow like you said

  2. Person

    First off nice spelling of arrows. Second, what about range armour? And how good is dorgeshuun c’bow? And what is the best way to get my Range up? (P.S. my range is 52)

  3. This guy

    (btw no way dark bow can hit over 100, 96 is the max).The best exists, however, unlike what you said. The best means the absolute best, obviously, and the absolute best weapon for range does exist. The absolute best still vary in many forms though. For jav morrigan’s javelin P++ is definitely the best, since it’s got the best btw, str bonus, and it’s special attack doubles it’s damage. For bow, the best still exists, it just exists based on the case. For example, msb is good for training, but dark bow is good for pk b/c of it’s special attack. Regardless, there’s a best. Cannon stands out by itself. Red Chin is undisputably the best weapon to get experience. Crystal bow becomes a horrible weapon as it’s charge go down, it is slower than msb, but it beats msb at higher charges.

    Still, not recommended. Dorg bow is not a good bow, try Zanik’s crossbow, it is compatible with addy c bow, except it can shot bone bolts, and that it has a powerful special attack. Anyways, i rambled way too much here, the point is, there is a best, it just depends on what you want to do, and if you name the case(location, monster, stats), the best(let’s say top 100) players in the game will definitely agree to a same weapon.

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