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Best Runescape Slashing Weapons

May 11th, 2008 by admin

Friendly Greetings! If you are wondering what sort of weapon to use against the "cloak wearers", which are people who wear cloaks as armor, then you have come to the right place. Well, Slash can be very effective against these types, along with the NPCs. (NPC stands for Non-Playing Character.) I will name some of the Best Runescape Slashing Weapons from worst to best. Note: I will not name all of the Runescape slashing weapons as it would take you hours, maybe even days to read them all.

So, here we go, a lot of the Best Runescape Slashing Weapons beginning with the weakest and ending with the best.

Best Runescape Slashing Weapons

Dark Dagger
Bronze Dagger
Iron Dagger
Bone Dagger
Bronze Sword
Bronze Claws
Bronze Axe
Steel Dagger
Iron Sword
Bronze Spear
Black Dagger
Iron Axe
Bronze Long Sword
Iron Claws
Bronze Scimitar
Mithril Dagger
Bronze Battle Axe
Wolfbane Dagger
Steel Axe
Iron Spear
Iron Long Sword
Iron Scimitar
Bronze 2-Handed Sword
Steel Sword
Iron Battle Axe
Adamant Dagger
Black Sword
Black Axe
Steel Claws
Steel Spear
Iron Halberd
Bone Spear
Blurite Sword
Mithril Axe
Blessed Axe
Iron 2-Handed Sword
Mithril Sword
Black Claws
Steel Scimitar
Red Decorative Sword
Steel Long Sword
Black Spear
Mithril Claws
Black Scimitar
Black Long Sword
Mithril Spear
Rune Dagger
Adamant Axe
Steel Battle Axe
Steel Halberd
Mithril Scimitar
Adamant Sword
White Decorative Sword
Mithril Long Sword
Steel 2 Handed Sword
Black Battle Axe
Black Halberd
Adamant Claws
Mithril Battle Axe
Adamant Spear
Black 2-Handed Sword
Rune Axe
Adamant Scimitar
Fremennik Blade
Mithril Halberd
Adamant Long Sword
Gold Decorative Sword
Mithril 2-Handed Sword
Dragon Dagger
Rune Sword
Adamant Battle Axe
Dragon Halberd
Dragon 2h Sword
Dharok's greataxe
Rune Claws
Rune Spear
Dragon Axe
Adamant Halberd
Adamant 2 Handed Sword
Rune Scimitar
Rune Long Sword
Rune Battle Axe
Dragon Spear
Dragon Scimitar
Rune Halberd
Rune 2-Handed Sword
Dragon Longsword
Guthan's spear
Dragon Battleaxe
Abyssal Whip

(Whew) Well, that's most of them. Slashing weapons can be a great tool to keep with you on your explorations into unknown places in Runescape. If you were to come across a spider web, or perhaps some vines and could not get through, you could then slash them with a slashing weapon and bam, you can continue your journey.

There are many Runescape Slashing Weapons out there, not just the ones I mentioned. Also, remember that that order could change at any moment, and there ARE better Runescape Slashing Weapons out there. Runescape is constantly updating, changing, and growing. Nothing stays the same for long.

Now I am sure you are wondering why I have it so that a Dragon Halberd is stronger than an Abyssal Whip, This is because of the Slash bonuses. The Abyssal Whips slash bonus is +82; However, The Dragon Halberd's slash bonus is +95. This is why I have listed them oddly. When you think of mithril and bronze, I am sure you think mithril is stronger. This is not always the case. A Mithril dagger has +5 slash while a Bronze Battle Axe has +6.

As you can see, there are many possibilities out there in the world of Runescape. The weapon plays a big part of what's the best, but this is not to say the holder does not play any part.
If two guys (or girls) were to fight using Rune Scimitars, and say, one just had enough stats to use it, while the other has 60 attack and 60 strength. Who do you think would win? Well, most likely the second person, but say the first was wearing full rune. Then the odds would be in his favor. The player does indeed have a big role in what weapon is best. One could argue all day of which is best, because there really isn't a "best weapon".

I hope you enjoyed this and learned a little more about Runescape.

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  1. lyh963

    the higher the bonus for slash, crush, range, magic and others means that the type of attack you use is accurate like for example a rune scimitar is good for its slashing attacks so it is better to use slash attacks like slash or block which was more accurate then lunge

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