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How to get a Party Hat in Runescape

April 28th, 2008 by admin

Runescape party hats are very expensive and rare. There is only so many out there. As each day goes on, more and more are lost. There is only two ways of getting a party hat. One way is to buy one from another player. The other, which is very unlikely, is to pick it up after someone has died wearing it or died with it in his or her inventory. (although without a skull above their head it is even more unlikely.

There are six different types of party hats, which are:
- Red Party Hat
- Yellow Party Hat
- White Party Hat
- Blue Party Hat
- Green Party Hat
- Purple Party Hat

The red party hat is worth around 230,000,000gp.

How to get a party hat in Runescape

The yellow party hat is worth around 175,750,000gp

How to get a party hat in Runescape 2

The white party hat, which seems like one of the rarest, is worth around 280,000,00gp.

How to get a party hat in Runescape 3

The blue party hat, which is in fact very rare, is worth around 400,000,000 gp.

How to get a party hat in Runescape 4

The green party hat is worth around 195,000,000gp and the purple party hat is worth around 160,000,000gp.

Of course, these prices change almost every week, it is impossible to get a definite exact number on anything. Party hats were first dropped in December 2001. They were the very first tradable holiday item. Not many people got them, as they were not expecting it. However, after they realized what Runescape had planned, they expected it. After awhile Runescape decided to make the items untradable and you could only get one. Then they decided to use NPC's to send them out. NPC means non-player character, in other words it's a computer.

Runescape party hats are all the rave. When you see one you think, dang I wish I were him! In addition, with a blue party hat, could you really resist wanting it? So what's the point in a party hat? There really isn't a point whatsoever. They don't boost your stats, they don't teleport you to some super awesome party land, and they don't heal you. They really are useless. So why are they so expensive? Well, they are over 7 years old! Any item that can survive 7 years of circulation deserves this high price.

These party hats, along with any other item like it, are rapidly increasing in value. Every time one is knocked out of circulation the price jumps higher. Soon there will be a trillion dollar party hat out there, and it will be the only one left. So, if you want to invest your 400,000,000gp into something worthwhile, go buy a blue party hat, store it in your bank, and wait. Wait for the year to come when the blue party hats are in the billions. (They will be there eventually.)

Now, that you know all of this wonderful information to help you get a party hat in Runescape, do you still want one, even though it's useless? Well I do. I want the whole collection and a Santa hat! If I had the whole collection I would go somewhere popular and keep switching them out like a flashy rainbow. Red to blue, blue to purple, purple to yellow, yellow to green, back to red! Ha-ha, it would indeed be a fun day. Especially with all the people out there that would say, "Hey can I have some money?" or "Hey dude can I have a party hat??". I would just keep switching them until I had attracted enough attention, then I would walk off and no doubt, they would follow me. Then it would be a party hat train. All aboard!

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27 Responses

  1. lisa schenk

    Will they ever drop party hats in rune scape ever again and make that soon like in the 2010′s or some where near there.

  2. Dear Lisa,

    It is highly doubtful that they would have another party hat drop, but who knows? Runescape is allways surprising ;)

  3. willim 4

    I wish i could make them then i would be the richest peerson in runescape and be like not a noob.

  4. jyjy1010

    How do u get a part hat in the party room in fally?

  5. curamacho5

    DUDE i want one to but i only have i need one for free please.or i need free 3k every 15 min.
    well what is your name in runescape?ill add you if you want but im not a member but i have rune on myself…..

  6. kirby6030

    lol wish i had one or the whole set cause i would show them off and sell the rest except for the blue one

  7. megazaid

    if i get a partyhat i wont sell it or show off i will just save it cause ea time some1 drops a party hat the price increases.

  8. godzilla1.4

    i wish i had them but i will never show to plp who i dont know well if they want to buy it would cool but if i wear it plp in rsp will hack you and take from you and it woild be very very sad if you lost it and if you lost you will get pissed off thas what i am and safetier and party hats are very expensive i would have one all of them and then sell them cause they worth alot of money the party hats and would cool if everyone had them in the first time whn you make a new acc and will sell them and then they will get rich so good luck whoever got one and lose it oh and remember when you are in the wilderness or in a quest that you have to kill monster like 158 somthin like that always put your very expensive item.

  9. Black knight45

    well if they dont drop party hats anymore than i guess no one is going to get one, because who’s got that kind of money?and if you try killing someone, they will probably be like lvl 100, because they would likely have a party hat on because of their extreme combat lvl =(

  10. hiro

    i swear if i get a party hat ill faint infront of my desktop lol. oh, man i hope they come out with another p hat drop. = /

  11. ccrock 4t

    lol. im a mem. and its not that hard to make money :p. they will NEVER have a party hat event because, well, then everyone would be rich.

  12. foxcroff

    Well i can tell u somthin become mem then it is the easiest thing in the world 2 make cash plus heres a tip or few to make money on runescape theres hunting lvl 1 have 2 get bird snare and ask info 2 me or 2 someone at g.e. varrock or theres killing drags at any lvl i can show but u have 2 be mem theres pkin flax worth 94gp each then spin them to bow strings and more info add me at foxcroff i have loads of mem and non mem ideas of makin cash easy in a sedconds heres my last tip for this web slayer if u get urs to 80 somthin u can go 2 fight abbasar demons and they drop whips worth 1mil well exact 1.5mil and my last one lol is 2 go to fight in god wars dungion they drop armadylan godswords worth 50mil yet they are like lvl 200 with no weps and i recomend monk fish/sharks ect..

    and u have 2 be lvl 70anything from def,atk,range,mage and they all drop different things goodluck and try add me if u want 2 no other ways and plz dont ask for any money……. or equipment plz

  13. annonymus

    those are some dumb ideas -.- juss.. actually im not tellin u guys its to easy…thats how i got my purple party hat

  14. annonymus

    It’s actually quite simple to get any color party hat for members and -nonmembers alike, just open a Christmas cracker, I saved my money, bought a whole bunch of them crackers, opened em’ and BAM! i have party hats.

  15. Superawesomeguy

    well i dont think they have party crackers anymore either…..

    but anyways in mems world ther is a bunch of rich ppl that carry around party hats IN PVP WORLDS!!! but the bad thing these days is that u dont get the drop that the guy has in pvp jagex randomily creates an item for you. my username is cop35 add me and P.S one time my friend got a party hat in bountyhunter(the guy was skulled) and like 2 seconds later he got killed cuz in BH u can see the wealth the guy is carrying.

  16. austin lee

    i have the whole set of p hats lol oh and its useless to buy the christmas cracker b-cuz it is like 600mill and the p hat inside is like half of that so its not a good idea you lose like 300 mill

    jus lettin ya no.

  17. Atgunslice23

    i would totally kill to have a party hat i’ve been in pvp every day hoping for that chance this is going to be it if he dies then i will get all i ve managed to get is ashees and coins and rune armour when is that [party hat cmon] when i just can’t wait untill then i’m going to fight

  18. bom

    Everyone is saying that they hope they have another party hat drop, blah blah blah. the fact is, if they have another party hat drops it means more people will have them making them less rare. less rare=less money.

  19. shikamaru0915

    I don’t know if there will ever be another party hat drop. But the truth is, you would have to be an employee of Jagex to know. let’s just hope there will be another drop and tehn theyd get rare again in a few years. then those who have them wil be rich! Just remember, on youtube there a lot of scammers saying u can make party hats and santa hats. But it’s not true! None of those items can be player made, and if u see it in youtube video when they use shear on chef hat or some, it’s just a rich guy fooling noobs (trust me I seen it myself). I don’t know about u sayin codes to get items but i tried it and the code didnt dhow up on screen and I didn’t get phat either. a healthy reminder, doont dooo druggsssss…

  20. Olympus350

    I wonder what other hat or item will get up to those kind of prices like the party hats. Maybe the afros? or some other holiday item. That would be pretty awesome don’t ya’ll think?

  21. dragonslayer1

    Party hats are actually very easy to get.If you finish all your emotes you will be requested.This devil guy will then give you a choice of two prices-100mill or 100 party hats in any colour.

    p.s- ive never told anyone this but behind this massive brick fence is a chicken kill it and then you can get both.I was the first to discover it and it is a really good glitch in runescape. PEACE OUT

  22. A 7 X 000

    hehe, i finally have enough money for a BLUE phat. im gunna buy one and dance around in lumby

  23. B4boyz

    Well, there is a bit of a problem here. When you think about it, you will realise that at the rate we’re all saying the party hats are disappearing, eventually the last one is going to disappear.

    Maybe if they all disappear you have to do something extra special. Maybe for members you kill a revenant dragon to get a party hat, and for non-members you kill a revenant ork, etc…

  24. Dan

    I’m thinking the odds of another party hat drop are 1 in a billion. But should they ever disappear from the game entirely which I don’t think will ever happen. They might release something similar. But they wouldn’t do it the same because everyone would be expecting them to shoot up in price so everyone would hoard and stockpile making them dirt cheap. So they might just make it similar to the party room, where you pop balloons and you might get a rare new item and you might not… Obviously balloons were just a metaphor though. They’d find a creative way to do it lol.

  25. mr blazzer

    party hats r a wast of time i mean you get 1 then you die lose it and start back from the beggining i got some ways 2 make money but woundnt buy party hat if u want some ideas il on world 83 normaly in varrok or the grand tree

    p.s if im no there then ill be getting agilty + attk up somewere


    Party hats are not rare at all when you collect 1000 eggs you bank note them and talk to duke in lumbrige and then go behind lumbrige and you will find a chest, open the chest and you will get 100 of all the party hat colours!

  27. i think im your mom

    if u really want i phat i know the only way to get them. the only way is to get money and buy them. if u want to waste your time trying these things people have said or u want to try making them go ahead but its pointless

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