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How to Get Free Items on Runescape

November 14th, 2007 by admin

There is one, and only one, real way to make money on Runescape: by getting and selling stuff. The more expensive the item, the more its worth. Pretty much anything you can find and have on Runescape can be sold. An item on Runescape can be worth 1 coin, or MILLIONS of coins.

Unfortunately, to be able to obtain items worth millions, or even thousands, you have to build skills, and you'll need coins! Everyone has to start somewhere, and the best way to start is by getting free stuff and than selling it. You can even save money if you just know where to look to get what you need for free.

Well, hopefully you won't have to look too far. At least this article will make it easier for you to find ways to get free stuff.

Though this is the lowest thing to do out of the ways, it can work if you do it right. Begging requires patience, and the appearance of being poor, or a noob. Either one will be sympathized, usually. Here are some tips on begging:

  • Dress in noob clothes and if you are a very low level, act like you're new to the game. (being a level 3 works best)
  • Act like you just died. It happens to everyone. Say you lost almost everything.
  • The best begging spot is Lumbridge, because that's where newbies begin and where dead people start all over again.
  • Find a world that has a good amount of people, but it's not overcrowded with newbies/beggars
  • Don't spam. Plea for money or stuff once a minute.
  • Always accept whatever is given to you and say thanks! If it's junk than just sell it at a general store.

Find Drop Parties
A drop party is a simple idea. A group of people, or one person, drops random crap on the ground. What's an even simpler idea is how to get free stuff out of it! The types of items dropped in a drop party vary in value, but almost all of the time they are useful and can be sold for money! Drop parties are extremely easy to find: go to an overpopulated, crowded, bank. Just be in a fairly populated world and head over to Varrock, you'll have no problem finding a crowded bank there!

If you don't feel like fighting or working for free stuff, than just find drop parties. Drop parties aren't made for everyone though, it requires a bit of time, patience and skill. Here are some tips to help you get the most out of drop parties:

  • You'll be looking for someone yelling Drop Party!!! or something like that. If you find someone that says that, STALK THEM.
  • Once you have a target, watch the ground beneath them at all times. You have to be quick if you want to be able to get something.
  • Stand in the same spot as them. That way you don't have to run across the room to try and be the first one to pick up what they dropped.
  • When you see something hit the ground, click click click! Chances are you are competing with other people, and the person that dropped stuff dropped more than one thing.

Ah, you didn't think I would forget the most gruesome way of all to get free stuff, did ya? You can't go through Runescape without killing SOMETHING. Fact: Everything you kill in Runescape drops something. Even if it's just some bones or feathers. (People buy those too, you know?)

There are two types of things you can kill to get stuff for free: Computers or other players.
Computers- I don't literally mean computers running around Runescape. Anything that's not controlled by another player, is just a free roaming CPU. Goblins, cows, dragons, farmers, are all CPUs. Most of them you can kill too. (Oh I wish I could kill Romeo :) ) It would take me forever to cover each type of CPU that you could kill and what they drop, so explore for yourself to see. If you are a low level/beginner, I recommend killing goblins. They roam all around Lumbridge, especially behind the General store. They are fairly easy to kill, and they drop really good beginner items, like bronze shields and swords, and goblin armor that sells for around 17 GP in the General store. Of course, as you become stronger and can fight harder creatures, they'll drop more valuable items.

Free runescape items - Wild

Other Players- If you venture into the wilderness or other various parts that warns you you're about to step into an area where other players can attack you, be careful. It's a dangerous, hectic, place and the chances of being attacked out of nowhere and dying are great. In fact, you'll probably be fired at within your first five steps upon entering the wilderness. You have to be strong, with a good range of fighting skills, heavily armored, and fast! If you decide to do this, bring lots of food with you, you'll need it. The good thing about fighting other players is they'll drop really good and valuable stuff, since you only keep three items when you die.

Free runescape items - Wood

Get It Yourself!
The reason for having so many different types of skills you can work on is so that you can get what you need by getting it yourself. Need willows for fletching? Go cut down some willows! Need some food? Go fish or cook! Need armor? Well, go make it than! If you are rich and would prefer just to take the easy way out, than go ahead and buy the things you need. But, if you're at the other end, you are going to need to get most of the things you need for free because you can't afford it. If you are looking just to make money, than choose a skill that you like and are good at and do it. Whether it's armor, arrows, wood, or food, you can sell it to other players for money.

Free runescape items - Bank

Steal (Members Only)
If you're a member, you should definitely spend some time working on your Thieving skill. You can steal stuff that you don't normally find from CPU drops, but don't want to spend money on it either. Things like wine, seeds, food and weapons. All useful things that you can either use for yourself or sell for money. Just be ready to fight the Guards that protect the stalls if they catch you!

See, there are plenty of ways to get free items on Runescape. You don't have to pay for everything! If you want to be able to get around Runescape, than you are going to have to hunt for free items.

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  1. Kevin Williams

    Nice post, some decent ideas in there.

  2. matthew

    yo peoples there is one way to cheat or to get free things and that is bye droping 1mil on the floor near alot of people then when it appears to other people alot of them will go to it then u quicklypick all the money before anyone gets too close. then look at your bag u will have watever anyone had that clicked on your 1mil. if there is too many things that other people had u will find that it will be in your bank.u can be a member or non member . its better to do it on an non members world.

  3. William

    matthew u are talking absolute crap. dont try his suggestion people

  4. pika0567

    This guide is more usefull and get tons of money: first get raw meat in the cows many players kill cow and some dont get meat then after getting the meat chop down a tree then cook it once you have food kill cows then get cow hides either store cowhides or sell them in ge 24 cow hides is 2k which you can use to buy iron or steel doo the same process when you dont have enough money.

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