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Rune Pickaxe

July 3rd, 2008 by admin

Rune Pickaxe

The Rune Pickaxe is the most popular pickaxe. Its the best in the whole game. Its about 19,533 gold. (prices go up and down, don't quote me on it, haha.) You have to have 41 mining to use the rune pickaxe, but you need 40 attack to wield it. If you want to get it by killing monsters, You will need to kill; Rock Golems (random event.), Warped Tortoise, General Graardor, Sergeant Steelwill, Sergeant Grimspike, and Sergeant Strongstack. If you damage it, you can go to Bob in Lumbridge to get it fixed for 1100 coins, you can also go to Nurmof in the Dwarven Mines for the same price.

There is such a thing as the Golden Rune Pickaxe. This can only be gotten through the Level 4.5 Treasure Trails. The only difference is there is a better chance of getting a gem. Well, that and looking really cool, Haha. Its worth about 1,300,300 coins. Do not ever alch this pickaxe. You will only get 19,200 gold coins at most.

You can get a Rune Pickaxe from three place (not counting players) and these are - Between a Rock... quest, the Pickaxe shop in the Dwarven Mines, and of course the Dwarven City Keldagrim. If you were to happen upon one in the General Store, you could grab it up for about 19,000 coins. To sell one to the General Store, it would be around 12,000 coins. The maximum price is about 20,000 coins in the Grand Exchange.

Rune Pickaxe 2

If you are doing the TokTz-Ket-Dill quest, you will need a rune pickaxe to crush the outer layer of armor that TokTz-Ket-Dill (level 100) has. Once its gone, you could continue using the rune pickaxe, or use a crushing weapon. You will also need a Rune Pickaxe to mine the obsidian spots on the wall.

You can also make a Rune Pickaxe by first mining Rune Ore in the Wilderness, Then smelting it into Rune Bars. You will need at least two Rune Bars. To make a Rune Pickaxe you will need level 90 Smithing. You will also need to have completed the Perils of Ice Mountain quest. The Rune Rocks are a light blue color. They are very hard to miss if your looking.

Now that you know all there is to know about the Rune Pickaxe, Why not go out there and put one to use? Ah, but maybe you do not know how to? Well then, let me give you a quick mining lesson!

Lets talk Coal. You can sell these for about 200 coins each. Therefore, 100 of them are 20,000 coins.
If you were to mine just 500 of them, you would have 100,000 coins. This would pay for your Rune Pickaxe five times over! That comes out to about 20 trips with an inventory of 25. Better, get to work! Haha.

Now, if your a big hot shot miner, you know you can get about the same for Mithril Ore. However, Adamant ore is about 1,300 coins each. Rune of course is much more expensive, settling in for about 11,000 coins each! Therefore, if you were to mine just 100 ores of rune you would get something like 1,100,000 coins! That's just for 100 ores of rune! Think about if you hauled in 1000 ores!

Now get out there and make some cash! Haha, Happy Playing!

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