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Rune Scimitar

August 19th, 2008 by admin

Rune Scimitar

The Rune Scimitar is considered one of the best weapons in the Free to Play worlds. It is also one of the most common. It has great power and speed, and it is at a cheap price. You can get a Rune Scimitar for around 15,000 gold. It has dropped greatly since the release of the Great Exchange, it use to be around 30,000 gold. Players also can get a Rune Scimitar by killing Cockroach Soldiers in the Stronghold of Player Safety. They are semi-rare to obtain, but remember; these are level 83 and are very difficult to kill for mid-low level players. This urged players who could kill these monsters to sell their Rune Scimitars, which then caused the price to go lower and lower. If it keeps dropping, they will be worthless soon.

If you have a smithing skill of 90, you can make your own Rune Scimitar for 2 rune bars. Rune Scimitars give 150-smithing experience. Rune Scimitars give a +45-slash bonus for attack and a +1-defense bonus for slash, so if you are going to use the Rune Scimitar for battle, slashing is the way to go. You will also get a +44-strength bonus. The Rune Scimitar goes by a couple different names; Rune scimmy and R scimmy are the most common. Low Alchemy and Store Price is 10240 gold, High Alchemy is 15360. There is about a 5,000 gold difference, so if you can use High Alchemy, it is worth it. The Grand Exchange has the lowest price set to 15,080 and the highest at 16,093. These prices go up and down frequently and it could change tomorrow.

Rune Scimitar 2

You will need 40 attack to be able to wield the Rune Scimitar. If you do not have 40 attack, I suggest going and fighting the Goblins at the Goblin Diplomacy quest. They are located North-West of Falador. They provide good experience points and they are fast to kill. This will allow you to get to level 40 attack very quickly. It is always better to kill monsters with lower experience points but faster deaths than ones with slower deaths and more experience points. Goblins are excellent because they do not have very high hits, and thus you can kill more without having to eat. If you are a high level, you may never have to eat. If you think goblins are too slow for experience points, try the Stronghold of Security or the Stronghold of Player Safety, they are my favorite places to train.

Rune Scimitar 3

The Rune Scimitar can be a great weapon. I have heard of people hitting 28s with it. It depends a lot on the skills of the holder. The Rune Scimitar is my personal Free to Play favorite. It is cheap and it can really pack a punch. A lot better than those Wind Blasts which can cost a fortune in Death Runes. If you get a Rune Scimitar and combined it with the healing power of Tuna, you can kill an army of Greater Demons easily.

Rune Scimitar 4

Therefore, whether you call it the Rune Scimitar, the R scimmy, Rune Scimmy, or even the slashing scimmy of runeness, it is still a great weapon. Runescape battle axe or scimitar. Haha, Happy Playing.

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6 Responses

  1. Zompirewolf

    I’m sorry to say but i believe a rune longsword is much more effective than a rune scimitar which I have tested and proven this. Here are my test results:

    Using the following attack and strength levels I managed to get 39k xp an hour on flesh crawlers with a rune longsword.
    *52 attack
    *56 strength

    I did the same test with a rune scimitar and only received a mere 23k xp an hour on flesh crawlers.

    The reason there was such a significant difference was because of the rune longsword’s increased accuracy and strength at only the cost of 1 bar slower than a scimitar, although I have not done these tests with the other types of scimitar and longsword I still recommend using a longsword over a scimitar.

    Thank you for reading this and I hope that I have changed your views on what weapon you should train with.

  2. Responsible Blogging at its Finest (Gnarfard)

    If you apply the Longsword vs Scimmy rate to Saradomin Sword versus Godswords, you’ll see that although Godswords are stronger, S.S. is still much faster training if you’re training in an area with monsters with weak defense.

  3. Person

    I have seen a lot of people with dragon scimmy’s and only people who haven’t done Monkey Madness use Dragon longswords. so idk its personal prefrence. Is d long better for exp than rune scimitar?

  4. lyh963

    This rune scimitar have moderate strength like rune long sword but rune long sword did more damage and was more accurate at hitting enemies which is what i found out and i agreed. But what made up for the rune scimitar to be the same as the rune longsword is its speed of hitting the enemy. scimitars are known to be the fastest weapons in RS so that is why evryone like to use it. :)

  5. Lobster

    Isn’t the rune scimitar designed for lighter armor like leather as opposed to the longsword, which is good all around? So I’m guessing that a longsword is better in player vs. player situations like clan wars or other minigames.

  6. king crystal

    i know the rune longsword has better stats, but think about this. if the longsword averages about 150, and scimmy averages about 130(not including misses)after a two minute time period, scimmy overall hits much more higher then the longsword. and only pussies use longswords so cya suckers(longsword users)!

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