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Runescape Berserker Shields

July 13th, 2010 by admin

RuneScape Berserker Shield
The RuneScape Berserker Shield is a very exclusive item that cannot be obtained by mere crafting. In order to get it, you need to obtain tokens that are given in the Fist of Guthix activity and then use these tokens to purchase it as a reward. The cost of buying it this way is 300 tokens.

An alternative method of obtaining the shield is by buying it on the Grand Exchange for 209,000 coins but be aware that it can only be bought in this fashion uncharged. So, what is the point in charging it, then? Well, when charged, the defensive bonus it confers rises to above that given by the Rune Kiteshield and it conveys a strength bonus to boot. These bonuses end up making it a close second to the Corrupt Dragon Square Shield in terms of stats for the free server players.

The 411 on the RuneScape Berserker Shield

In order to wield this shield, you will require 45 defense and it works best when combined with a Rune Battleaxe. The reason many players prefer the Shield Battleaxe combination over using a Rune Two-Handed Sword is that the sword only gives a measly +2 strength bonus more than if you were to use the Axe-Shield combination. Another advantage of using the Axe-Shield combo is that it would give a higher DPS rate than that of the Rune Two-Hander, which only does 10 life points increase if you compare their total damage, but has a much longer swing time.

While it is true that there are other shields out there that have better stats, such as the Obsidian Shield, which gives a greater strength bonus and a vastly improved range defense bonus, one key draw that makes the RuneScape Berserker Shield a must-have for any RuneScape player is that it is so hard to acquire, adding a great amount of prestige to whoever owns it. Adamant berserker shield.

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