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Runescape Dharok's Greataxe

September 30th, 2009 by admin

Dharoks Greataxe Runescape

One of the more powerful melee weapons in the world of RuneScape is Dharok's greataxe. It is a part of the Dharok the Wretched's set of equipment and requires both an attack and strength of 70 to use. When equipped, the greataxe provides the fifth highest strength bonus available in the game and the second highest crush bonus. On the downside, it is a very slow weapon with a speed similar to a two handed sword. This means your opponents are going to get in several hits for each one of yours. Its incredible attach power and crushing attacks, however, make up for this.

Note that Dharok's Greataxe cannot be made via smithing. It, like all of the Dharok's set, can only be won from the Barrow's mini-game.

Must be a member
Must have Strength of 70
Must have an Attack power of 70

Strength: +105
Crush: +95
Stab: -4
Magic: -4
Ranged: -1
Speed: fairly slow

Use in Conjunction with the Full Dharok's Set

If equipped as a part of the full Dharok set, players may hit in the high 90s, and some have reported hitting for as much as 110 damage per swing. When wielded with the rest of the set, players also gain access to a special attack. As the player's hit points decrease, the damage caused by Dharok's Greataxe increases. When a player is at ten percent of their max health or lower, the weapon will actually do double damageā€”up to 112 damage points.

Note that when doing the White Guthix Sleeps quest, a character's abilities will be increased to 255. While this would allow for Dharok's Greataxe to hit for over 270 damage, the player's hit points are automatically restored to 255 whenever they get damaged. This means that the player will never get down to ten percent of health, so the greataxe will never do this huge amount of damage.


As with all weapons, Dharok's Greataxe will degrade over time. It will eventually drop from 100 percent to 75 with use, then degrade farther. To repair it, you must visit the Tindel Merchant located in Port Khazard or go to Bob's Axes in Lumbridge. The price to fix the greataxe will depend on how much it degraded. To repair it from zero will cost 100,000 gold.

Uses of Dharok's Greataxe

Many woodcutters equip the axe along with the Woodcutting skill cape to both show off their high level woodcutting skill and to look similar to the Woodcutting Tutor character. Note, however, that the greataxe can't actually be used to cut down trees.

Dharok's Greataxe is also a favorite weapon for use when battling the TzHaar-Ket and the TzHaar-Xil in the city of TzHaar because of its high strength bonus.

Graphic Updates to the Greataxe

When Dharok's Greataxe was first introduced to the game, the character held it over his/her shoulder. Then this was changed to holding it with both hands. Then the greataxe was changed back to being held over the shoulder. Due to changing the graphics several times, the weapon actually glitched for a time. During this time, it was held more like the Dragon Longsword.

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